Bold New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Posters Show Characters’ True Colors

They also kind of hint at their moral alignments.

The entire cast of Thor: Ragnarok looks ready to fight in a new series of colorful character posters, and their color assignments coincide almost perfectly with the moral alignments spectrum. It’s only fitting that they’re arranged by the visual light spectrum, aka the rainbow, as well.

Primarily used in games like Dungeons & Dragons, the moral alignment system uses a spectrum based on law vs. chaos and good vs. evil, allowing for nine possible combinations. Sure, you could generally say that the characters are just arranged from “most good” to “most bad,” but that’s nowhere near as fun, is it?

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor teams up with his brother Loki to search for their father Odin, but at some point Asgard is beset by Hela, a powerful entity that escapes after eons of imprisonment. Thor’s blasted to a gladiator trash planet where he has to face off against the Hulk in the arena run by the Grandmaster and somehow escape with the help of Valkyrie — who’ll start out as an adversary.

They run from Lawful Good all the way to Chaotic Evil.

Marvel Studios

Thor is most obviously Lawful Good as the hero of the story, following the rules and fighting for the Good guys.

Heimdall, you might remember, is the all-seeing and all-hearing guard of the Bifrost Bridge (also a rainbow, by the way), which sort of makes him Neutral Good, as he operates outside of the law and is beholden to nobody.

Much like Heimdall, Odin might as well also be considered Neutral Good, not really allowing himself to be beholden to anyone. He also inches towards Lawful Neutral, considering his belief in lawful concepts like honor.

Loki — at least in this movie — seems to be operating in the realm of Chaotic Good, out of sync with the rest of society but seeming inclined to do the “right thing.” Otherwise, he’s more often than not the very clear Neutral Evil.

Hulk, who sometimes flies into a rage even against the good guys, is no doubt a Chaotic Neutral. He’ll even fight Thor in Ragnarok.

The brand-new Valkyrie seems to be a Lawful Neutral character, having once been an Asgardian hero that has since tasted defeat and become a bounty hunter. It’s an alignment typical of mercenary characters.

The Grandmaster, ever the Neutral Evil type, has no qualms about harming others to get what he wants. He’s the ruler on Sakaar, not following any rules beyond those he makes but he’s not the type that wants to create chaos in any way.

Hela, the true villain in the story, is yet another villain that wants to watch the world burn as the Chaotic Evil archetype. She’s hellbent on destruction and is looking to bring about

Thor: Ragnarok premieres in theaters November 3, 2017.

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