Finn Jones: Iron Fist Wins in a 'Game of Thrones' Battle


Here’s a crossover fight idea: “The Immortal Weapon” Iron Fist, versus, “The Knight of Flowers” Loras Tyrell. Who you got? If you ask actor Finn Jones, who played both, his money’s on the guy whose fist can glow.

In an interview with The Wrap ahead of The Defenders premiere on Netflix, Jones compared his character from Game of Thrones to his Marvel superhero, both psychologically and in terms of pure strength. Across the board, Jones believes Iron Fist would wipe the floor with poor Tyrell.

“Loras is always a showman, he was a jouster, a knight of the summer, as it was explained in the book,” said Jones. “He never knew what it felt like to be on the battlefield, to be actually in sort of fight or flight combat. Whereas Danny has got more experience hand to hand. And, he also has the Iron Fist. So that kind of trumps Loras just from the get-go.”

Jones has a point. A knight who’s never had his armor rusted shouldn’t expect to beat the man who took down Shou-Lao the Undying. But even so, Jones believes Danny could still take on Loras even without the powers of the Iron Fist. “But if Danny didn’t have the Iron Fist I still think [he] would take Loras down in hand to hand combat,” Jones said.

What makes the theoretical smack down interesting, besides Jones having played both men, is that they share a lot of similarities on the surface. Both Danny Rand and Ser Loras Tyrell come from wealthy, privileged backgrounds and both are treated harshly by harder people.

The similarities end there, however, as Tyrell never really got to prove himself to Westeros or to any of the Game of Thrones audience. He performed well in tournaments and was a solid fighter at the Battle of Blackwater Bay, but that’s about it.

Meanwhile, Danny Rand punched out Luke Cage in the trailer for The Defenders, so it’s almost no question who would win. Sorry, Game of Thrones fans. The Rands send their regards.

Marvel’s The Defenders begins streaming on Netflix on August 18.

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