Loras Says That Olyvar Died Offscreen in 'Game of Thrones'


Game of Thrones Season 6 left a lot of burning questions like why doesn’t Lyanna Mormont rule the world, where is Ned’s old friend Howland Reed now, and how the hell did Varys get from Meereen to Dorne so fast. But there might be an answer to the one question everyone forgot about: Olyvar’s fate.

Recall that Olyvar began his Game of Thrones life as a prostitute, eventually ascending to replace Ros (RIP) as the brothel master. He has a memorable scene with Oberyn in Season 4, but eventually becomes Loras Tyrell’s lover.

Through his dalliances, Olyvar was pretty much responsible for spearheading male gay/bisexual representation on Game of Thrones. Unfortunately Loras grew cocky and complacent about their affair at exactly the wrong time, when the High Sparrow and his militant army began cracking down on “deviance.” To save his own skin, Olyvar turned Loras in, and the rest is explosive history.

Just like Euron Greyjoy Olyvar was a victim of Season 6’s loose ends. But in a new interview, Finn Jones, who plays Loras, shares some light on his betrayer’s fate: “I’m not even sure Olyvar’s alive at this point,” said Jones. “I doubt he is.” Of Loras’s final speech, he added, “There’s a resistance there, because it’s humiliating for Loras to have to denounce his dead boyfriend, his family, everything. It goes against everything he is. But he had been pushed to his limit.”

RIP Olyvar, then. He joins Stannis and the Blackfish as notable off-screen deaths.

Could he return like the not-quite offscreen death Sandor Clegane? Season 7 will tell.

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