Why Tesla Just Brought Back This Cheaper Model S

Maybe you're now invited to the Tesla party. (Steer clear of the Kool Aid.)

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You may have missed the boat on Model 3 reservations. It’s okay: we understand. The $1,000-dollar reservation deposit was out of reach, and you prefer to actually see a $30,000+ car before you decide to purchase it.

But now you’ve seen the Model 3, you’ve heard the high-tech rumors, and you know you screwed up. Tesla CEO Elon Musk went ahead and warned prospective buyers to act fast if they want a Model 3 before 2018. Two-thousand eighteen. Seem a bit too distant? If so, you may be in luck: Today, Tesla re releases its cheaper, albeit lower-range, Model S.

The Tesla Model S is pure luxury. Musk has said that no one — not even Tesla — will ever make a car superior to the Model X, but he still prefers the Model S for general purpose driving. It’s sleek, fast, and is sure to turn heads.

Cool kids on the block.


But it’s expensive. The base price for the Model S is $75,000, and — as with the Model 3 — you would probably want some upgrades. Tesla now offers a $30,000 car and two $100,000 cars. Those who would either rather not wait until 2018 for a Model 3 or would prefer something just barely in the next price range will be left wanting.

Which is why this move by Tesla is wise. This version of the Model S will reportedly come with a 75 kWh battery, but there will be a cap on its range. A purchasable software upgrade will expand the upgrade. (Musk really likes gamifying car ownership). It will start at $66,000. Granted, if you want a real Tesla, you’ll have to shell out a bit more than that. But it at least now appears within some (fortunate) people’s price range.

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It’s also wise because of how much people lost their minds over the Model 3 release. Hype is at an all-time high. Still, the Model S remains the cool kid on the block. Tesla can make Model S’s right now — unlike with the Model 3, production is already set up. Tesla is building the Gigafactory, which will drastically increase its ability to make batteries — and, therefore, its ability to make more cars.

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