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This deleted version of the CDC's website may actually be more accurate

For a brief moment last week, the CDC's website reflected the current scientific consensus on how Covid-19 spreads. Then it didn't.

More than two billion people have visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website during the coronavirus pandemic. With that number of eyes, it is no surprise that, on Friday last week, one of them noticed a sudden change to the site. The unannounced edit seemed to signal a huge shift in how the agency portrays the spread of coronavirus.

They were also bound to notice when it was hastily removed just three days later.

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The Flash movie rumors hint Nicolas Cage’s Superman will enter the DCEU

In 1998, Nicholas Cage almost played Superman in a movie from Tim Burton. In 2022, he may finally play the role in The Flash.

Eons ago, before the DC cinematic multiverse, Nicholas Cage almost played Superman in another DC superhero movie from Tim Burton and writer Kevin Smith. In what can only be described as a crime against cinema, the movie was canceled three weeks before shooting was scheduled to begin in 1998.

However, if some recent (unfounded) rumors about the 2022 movie The Flash are true, this unseen Superman may still become part of the DC Extended Universe.

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WandaVision leak reveals it could premiere far sooner than expected

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Disney+ subscribers are really getting their money’s worth this fall, with The Mandalorian and WandaVision headed to the streaming service beginning next month. WandaVision debuted an official trailer with only a “coming soon” tag to the end. According to the Disney+ app, the series is slated to debut at any point between now and the end of December. However, it’s possible that WandaVision will premiere much sooner than we expected.

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Tesla Battery Day: 4 questions and how to watch the hotly-anticipated event

Tesla is about to unveil some major changes to the batteries it uses in its electric vehicles. Here's how to livestream the event showcasing the advancements.

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1 Rick and Morty theory will completely change how you watch the show

A theory so explosive, your Morty will never be the same.

The first Rick and Morty episode ever doesn't really feel like Rick and Morty in many ways. Not only does it involve time travel (which the series creators avoid) and make interdimensional travel commonplace for denizens of the multiverse (despite it being almost impossible later), but Rick comes across as more unhinged than usual while Morty is even more meek.

You could argue this is typical pilot episode jitters as the writers and cast establish the tone of a new show. Or, if you're one spirited fan of the show on Reddit, you could use it as evidence of an interesting theory that'll make anyone rethink Rick and Morty entirely.

Maybe the very first scene of Rick and Morty ever set a convoluted precedent: While we do watch the same pair for most of the series, many sequences like the first scene of Episode 1, feature a version of the dimension-hopping duo entirely.

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Holland Roden talks No Escape, Dave Matthews, and van life essentials

The Teen Wolf star gets candid about her latest movie and childhood UFO plays.