The Inverse interview

The writer who taught Batman how to love


Can Twitch’s new anti-harassment policies save the platform from itself?

Movie Magic

How the VFX studio behind WandaVision is changing sci-fi television

Ahead of its Marvel debut, MARZ reveals the tricks behind their special effects work on sci-fi hits like Umbrella Academy and Watchmen.

The Inverse Interview

Amazon Luna chief reveals the 1 factor that will improve the future of video games

"The future is history"

The oral history of 12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam's time travel masterpiece

Inverse speaks with director Terry Gilliam and nine other people involved in the making of this 1996 sci-fi cult classic.


'Cyberpunk 2077' band Refused had no idea they were writing for Keanu Reeves


To end the pandemic, the Covid-19 vaccine must clear one final obstacle

The Inverse Interview

How 'Monster Hunter' director Paul W.S. Anderson mastered the video game movie


Video games are inspiring a new crop of home and garden DIY projects

HGTV meets HDMI.


If aliens exist, here’s how we’ll find them


Xbox exec reveals the 1 reason Game Pass is better than Netflix

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'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Kiernan Shipka on Season 4's "beautiful" end


Charming Balan Wonderworld demo feels like a watered-down Mario Odyssey riff

One of the most stylish games of 2021 should be more complex.

Card Stories

The best Star Wars game should be rebooted by 1 of these studios

A new Knights of the Old Republic game is reportedly in development.


Hitman 3: The real-life locations behind every level


Every new movie premiering on HBO Max in 2021

Trailer breakdown

Godzilla vs. Kong trailer reveals the ape's secret weapon

Checkout these thrilling images from the first official trailer.

Fly you fools!

6 Lord of the Rings theories that totally change the story

You'll never watch the movies the same way after this.

Last Call

You need to watch the best cult thriller on HBO Max ASAP

Martha Marcy May Marlene leaves HBO Max at the end of January. Here's why it's worth a watch — especially if you're enjoying WandaVision.


The beautiful concept art that brought Hitman 3 to life

Around the world in 20 images.


The 6 best Korean sci-fi shows on Netflix in 2021


6 benefits of working out in cold weather


All 7 main Resident Evil games, ranked


6 must-have games on PlayStation Plus Collection

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The 5 best sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max next week

From Mars Attacks to Wonder Woman 1984, there's something for everyone.

This is the Way

The Mandalorian Season 3 leak could reveal the show's return date

Here's when the Star Wars show will (probably) return.

When will The Mandalorian Season 3 premiere? The Disney+ show’s second season created even more conversations than its first, hooking in both casual and die-hard Star Wars fans alike. The Season 2 finale left things in an interesting place as well, with Grogu deciding to leave Din and begin training with Luke Skywalker, pushing both characters into uncertain territory. So, understandably, fans have been anxious to find out as much as they can about The Mandalorian Season 3 — especially after Disney revealed that it would only come after The Book of Boba Fett.

Fortunately, a new report gives us our best idea yet of when to expect the highly-anticipated Mandalorian Season 3 release date.

watching you

A scientific twist on an iconic video game just might prevent the apocalypse

With a little less dancing and a little more traffic modeling.

Link Up

SpaceX Starlink: Elon Musk reveals new feature to seriously boost coverage

Starlink has debuted a new means of communicating information that could improve the fledgling constellation.

Model Refresh

Musk Reads: Photos may show Tesla Model S refresh

Tesla full self-driving set for a boost; Starlink gets a major upgrade; The Boring Company’s first tunnel spotted.

Moving right along

2021 SpaceX launch calendar: Dates, payload, crew

SpaceX is making moves with Starlink, Crew Dragon, and Starship in 2021.

Sunny Days Ahead

Giant Tesla solar roof owner reveals how much it actually costs

Tony Cho is the owner of Florida's largest Tesla Solar Roof, a giant 44-kilowatt installation.

Drive on

‘Super-human’ A.I. could solve one of Tesla's biggest problems

Electric vehicles have a serious accessibility issue.

new utopia

The tech elite have 1 crucial difference in their belief system — study


How Rivian is offering something Tesla Cybertruck cannot

The all-electric Tesla Cybertruck is not for everyone, and Rivian may be able to capitalize.

Seen at sea

Musk Reads: Photos hint at SpaceX Starship’s ocean-based spaceport

Tesla’s honeycomb-like batteries pictured; The Boring Company wants to go to Miami; Starship launch expected soon.


Video: One of nature's most deceptive insects is helping build a better robot

Failure to Launch?

Video: Latest NASA test of Moon-bound rocket core ends abruptly

NASA's latest Space Launch System test didn't go to plan, confusing scientists.


Personalized brain stimulation could relieve a common mental health disorder

watching you

A scientific twist on an iconic video game just might prevent the apocalypse

With a little less dancing and a little more traffic modeling.


Whether it's perfecting your Nintendo Mii or perfectly replicating your childhood cul-de-sac in The Sims, we're suckers for recreating our lives in a virtual world. And this is an obsession that might just help avert the world's biggest existential threat.

The spread of Covid-19 in 2020 has already been a stark wake-up call to the kinds of damage a global virus can wreck on our cities if we're unprepared — and scientists predict that these kinds of pandemics are only going to become more common.

To meet this oncoming apocalypse head-on, a team of scientists have designed a much more hardcore version of the iconic video game The Sims that could stop future pandemics in their tracks.

Using supercomputers and analytic techniques borrowed from high-level chemistry, a team of engineers and epidemiologists have designed a new approach to modeling the spread of infectious viruses, like Covid-19, that could accurately predict how new risks — like super spreader events — or precautions — like mask mandates — affect the ebb and flow of disease spread.

In their work, the team was able to accurately model how lockdowns flattened the infection curves in Birmingham, England, and Bogotá, Colombia using only "hard" data like population statistics and estimated movement maps.

Why it matters — Immediately, this powerful estimation method like this could help epidemiologists better understand and target new Covid-19 restrictions to effectively slow the virus's spread, but the use of this model may be much more widespread. With enough time and computing power, the researchers write it could "simulate the mobility of the entire human population."

Future 50
Future 50

Canan Dagdeviren wants more women in STEM to “not give up”

“That’s one thing I always tell my female students.”

Future 50

Epidemiologist Adam Kucharski says 2021 is going to be better. Here's why.

"We are in very different shape than we were before."

Future 50

Katharina Volz is using A.I. to solve the biggest problem in science

“The way we solved disease before ... that just won't work anymore.”

Future 50

Birder Corina Newsome: I want to see a scientist who looks like me.

“The most important thing is getting young people of color to actually see me doing it.”

Future 50

Kate Marvel: “With science plus action, things can get better.”

“We can shape the future that we want.”

Future 50

Charlotte McCurdy wants you to forget everything you know about climate change

“The future will not be the past. It is going to be different.”

Future 50

Gene drives could stop the world's oldest problems. Kevin Esvelt wants to make sure they don't start any.

Esvelt's career has gone from straight science into ethics and safety.

Future 50

How Anthony Boyle learned to be Jewish

The Plot Against America Star on growing up in Northern Ireland, Harry Potter, and matzo ball soup.

Future 50

Sophia Lillis is the chill scream queen we need in the 2020s

From Gretel and Hansel to the new Netflix original I Am Not Okay With This, Lillis is on the path to horror movie stardom.

Future 50

How Andrew Rea became the YouTube chef fans can't stop binging

'Binging with Babish' has over 6 million subscribers and his biggest videos get more than twice as many views, but the Babish empire is just getting started.

Future 50

Lara de Wit is the virtuoso Twitch didn’t know it needed

Pianist lara6683 will take almost any request.


With flowers and songs, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez tells an urgent climate story

He was a child climate activist. On the cusp of adulthood, his job is bigger than ever.

Mischief Managed

Harry Potter HBO Max show release date, trailer, cast, plot, and everything we know

From release date and cast details to story possibilities.

A live-action Harry Potter show is in the works at HBO Max according to multiple reports. That probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to those familiar with the property, most of whom have been predicting that Warner Bros. would start delving more into the Potter world for quite some time now, but it appears that the launch of a new streaming service has given the studio the extra motivation needed to start mining the franchise for even more spin-off potential.


Stunning new video reveals Solar Orbiter's view of Earth, Mars, and Venus

On its journey to the sun, the spacecraft has captured brilliant footage.

Link Up

SpaceX Starlink: Elon Musk reveals new feature to seriously boost coverage

Starlink has debuted a new means of communicating information that could improve the fledgling constellation.

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The most confusing Philip K. Dick movie ever is also the most faithful

"We heard the screaming, then they got very quiet. Nothing except the smell of death."

stellar dance

How do these six super-Earths resist the chaos of the universe?

look up!

You need to see the Wolf Moon shine in the sky this week

It's the second Full Moon of the winter season.

Moving right along

2021 SpaceX launch calendar: Dates, payload, crew

SpaceX is making moves with Starlink, Crew Dragon, and Starship in 2021.

Inverse Daily

Thunderstorms from space

Astronauts onboard the ISS are capturing never before seen phenomenon.

look up!

You need to see Mercury at its brightest this weekend

Eyes on the skies, people.

hidden elements

Saturn's moon Rhea has a mysterious material on its surface

IRL elves

ISS study highlights new dazzling phenomena seen above thunderstorms

Astronauts capture a rare glimpse of a thunderstorm from space.

2 become 1

Ancient, massive stars may help solve a mystery about our Sun

"They can even shape entire galaxies."

Out of this world

SpaceX Mars city: Elon Musk finally responds to survival video game pitch

One developer wants to make a SpaceX-themed video game.