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This week in science

NASA InSight shutting down and more: Understand the world through 9 images


We now have an image of the Milky Way’s central black hole — here’s how it happened

The recently-released image invovles a whole lot of technical work from stations across the world.


Look! Astronomers capture the first-ever image of the Milky Way's black hole

Sagitarrius A* is the nearest supermassive black hole to us.


What are redshift and blueshift? How astronomers learn the distance of far-off objects

They can help unearth plants or tell us about the most distant objects in the universe.


Distant quasars reveal a surprising process that capped the first black holes' growth

A new analysis of the early universe shows quasars with growth capped by surrounding matter.


These mass-murdering black holes can binge thousands of stars at a time

The denser the star cluster, the more likely it is to contain a growing black hole.

itsy bitsy spid-star

Astronomers find a puzzling parasitic object — is it a black widow pulsar or something else entirely?

A strange object in space could be a pulsar devouring a brown dwarf, or it could be something we don't yet understand.


Three years ago, we got the first-ever image of a gargantuan black hole — confirming Einstein's greatest theory

Three years ago, the study of black holes was revolutionized.


This newly discovered supermassive black hole "precursor" could be a missing link to the early universe

Astronomers were searching for this elusive object for decades.


Look! A lopsided supernova may be hiding a mysterious void

Cassiopeia A isn't behaving quite like it should.


Astronomers find a clever way to find an Einsteinian phenomena using dead stars

A gamma-ray space telescope is now joining the search for ongoing ripples through the space-time fabric.

far, far away

Behold! Astronomers may have discovered the most distant galaxy ever

HD1 could be from just 300 million years after the Big Bang.


Look: Stunning new images show details of mysterious deep space radio rings

The ORC is one of the biggest mysteries in radio astronomy — but maybe not for much longer.

Einstein Week

107 years ago, Albert Einstein created new physics — and a new cult of celebrity

Einstein became the world's most iconic scientist seemingly overnight. Here's how.

Einstein Week

107 years later, scientists have vindicated one of Einstein’s most remarkable theories

It’s never too late!

Einstein Week

What Einstein got wrong: 5 ideas that missed the mark

For all his genius, Einstein had a tendency to be stuck in his ways.


40 years ago, Conan the Barbarian turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a star

“It was more original and cutting edge, and Arnold was the centerpiece of it all.”

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis Historical/Getty Images
Open World 🎮
Inverse Game Reviews

Salt and Sacrifice is a grotesquely gorgeous RPG held back by clunky design

Inverse score: 6/10


TMNT: Shredder's Revenge was made for the "real deep turtle fans," devs reveal

Half shell, all heart.


How disabled 'Elden Ring' players conquered the Lands Between

'Elden Ring's vast freedom of customization and exploration makes this title more approachable for disabled players than previous FromSoftware fare.

Game Guides

'Call of Duty Warzone' best guns: All 127 ranked for Season 3 Operation Monarch

How has the 'Vanguard' integration shaken up the 'Warzone' meta? We've ranked every single gun to separate the best from the rest.

The Rules of Time Travel

5 video games that changed time travel forever

The ultimate power fantasy.


How an underrated Final Fantasy game inspired 2022's quirkiest indie

Nothing ever goes wrong here.


A brief history of video game poop

A trail of turds from Earthbound to Death Stranding.

Lego No

Skywalker Saga made one of Star Wars' worst characters even more awful

“What a great day to make money, huh?”

The Rules of Time Travel

6 years later, the most underrated time travel game deserves a sequel

Time is Power.

Stolen Valor

Game devs aren't getting proper credit for their work — here's how to fix it

“Special Thanks” is sometimes an empty gesture.

Inverse Game Reviews

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a captivating prequel with too much busywork

Inverse Score: 7/10

The Rules of Time Travel

13 years later, the most cerebral time-travel game ever made still holds up

A deadly mind game.

Card Story

8 essential co-op games you need to play ASAP

Better with a friend.

Card Story

These are the 10 best-reviewed games of 2022 (so far)

Elden Ring and 9 more of Metacritic’s top scorers.


Esports’ most notorious CEO is finally facing an overdue reckoning

Esports problems.


The worst trend in gaming is more boring than you think

At the heart of monopolization is homogeneity.




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Mind + Body
Toxic Truth

Pollution is responsible for one in six deaths each year — and it’s getting worse

It's a sobering finding, but scientists hope it will serve as a wake-up call.

Disease Detectives

Mysterious hepatitis outbreaks in children are confounding doctors — here's why the cause is still unclear

More than two dozen children have needed liver transplants globally, including 15 children in the United States alone.


First-of-its-kind study reveals transgender children are extremely unlikely to retransition

And if they do transition to another identity later, chances are it’s not cis.

At Odds

Fertility clinics turn women away over their weight — new research undermines that practice

Research shows losing weight does not increase the odds of getting pregnant.


Study: Being close to nature reduces the risk of stroke

Air pollution, unsurprisingly, increases it.


Why knowing when Alzheimer’s starts could lead to new treatments

The “switch on” moment happens up to 25 years before any symptoms are displayed.

Mind and Body

One simple activity could ease your lower back pain

Reach for the sky.

Sunday Scaries

Best diet to boost mood? A study on men and depression reveals the answer

“Diet could definitely be the first step towards recovery.”

Mind and Body

Lemon water won’t detox or energize you — but here’s what it can do

Lemon juice may have other benefits, but research so far has been mixed.

Check, please!

Does smoked meat cause cancer? A dietitian assesses the damage

Your BBQ could come with a side of P.A.H.s and H.C.A.s.


How to treat adult ADHD: A psychologist explains medication and more

The experience of ADHD isn’t entirely based in genetics.

Climate Solutions

Can restaurant menus help diners choose climate-friendly meals?

Two key fixes could seriously reduce greenhouse gas emissions when eating out.

TikTok Sex Talk

Why wearing socks during sex helps you have orgasms

The science behind a viral TikTok explained.


The modern flu is a direct descendant of the virus that caused the 1918 pandemic

Mapping past pandemics could help us prevent future ones.

Forest for the Trees

Studies linking nature to better mental health focus on wealthy nations — here's why that's a huge problem

Outdoor psychology has a cultural bias problem


Severe Covid-19 can dramatically age your brain — study

A severe case of Covid-19 can be the equivalent of aging 20 years.

Fact Check

Is The Staircase a true story? What the HBO show gets right and wrong

Just how true is this true crime drama?

In the true crime world, few documentaries have had the impact of The Staircase. The 2004 series follows the case of Michael Peterson, an American author whose wife was found dead. While Peterson claimed her death resulted from a fall down a flight of stairs, he was eventually found guilty of her murder.

Exploring Mars
This week in science

NASA InSight shutting down and more: Understand the world through 9 images


NASA announces the end of its Marsquake-hunting lander

Martian dust is bringing a unique Martian mission to an end.


NASA's ailing Mars lander captures the biggest Marsquake yet

While Insight may soon go offline, Mars decided to give it at least one last show.


China finds recent water flows on Mars, with big implications for alien life

China's Zhurong rover found geologically recent water on Mars, billions of years after it should have been gone.

This week in science

Webb Telescope alignment and more: Understand the world through 7 images


This radical architecture style could make future cities good for your health

Plus: NASA wants your take on their Mars sample return plans.


Mars scientists discover a puzzling impact crater on the Red Planet

Most craters are circular shape due to material ejecting out in all directions as a result of an impact.


Mars City: Researchers find a way to make buildings with dirt and urine

These so-called “space bricks” can be used to construct building-like structures on Mars.


Look: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter spots beautiful spacecraft wreck on Mars

It’s a little dusty.

to boldly go

NASA extends 8 missions, including plans to scrutinize a large asteroid that will swing by Earth in 2029

NASA granted eight missions an extension, allowing continued exploration of Mars, asteroids, the Kuiper Belt, and the Moon.

How to Save the Earth

If humans go to Mars, we need an Earth Flag — here’s why

Opinion: We are approaching the point when humans make the leap off Earth and onto other planets. When we get there, how will we represent ourselves?


NASA Mars rover embarks on an ambitious hunt for life in ancient Martian riverbed

NASA's latest Mars rover is now scouting a place where an ancient river and lake met, called Three Forks. The sediments there could carry hints of ancient life.

where u at bonnie tyler?

Behold! NASA’s Mars rover captures a stunning sight in the Martian sky

This is not your average eclipse.

Survey says

NASA might finally probe Uranus — if these scientists get their way

The Decadal Survey calls for missions to Uranus and Enceladus, among a host of other space science priorities.


Perseverance stumbles upon some of its own trash on Mars

The parachute was jettisoned during the landing sequence so the Skycrane could lower the rover down to the surface on its wheels.


Look! NASA takes a stunning view of Mars' "prime meridian"

The wind-carved ridges provide another fascinating sight.