Sex Robots

An Iraqi army convoy with reinforcements is attacked on their way to their camp Al Kindy. The convoy consisting of 8 vehicles and a bus carrying the reinforcement troops for the elections is hit by a car bomb parked next to the road just as the bus is passing. On the last vehicle of the convoy the two Iraqi soldiers just noticed the explosion. Seconds after they stop the car and lay down suppressing fire. The 104th of the Iraqi army are responsible for security in the region of Mosul. Most of the Arab soldiers in this region have left the army in fear of repercussions. The Kurdish now make up for most of the Iraqi army in Mosul. The soldiers are Peshmergas from Kurdistan. The brigade is originally from Dohuk.

Sex robots have sat silently, unblinking and motionless, on the fringes of the broader technological, cultural conversation for the better part of a decade, and as a concept for much longer back than that. Good news for sex robot enthusiasts lies ahead though: Sex robots are developing at a faster rate than ever. On the high end they can be connected to the internet, and on the low-end of innovation, some feature so-called “warm genitals.”