Volkswagen’s Most Affordable EV Could Make the $27K ID.2 Feel Pricey

With a targeted price of around $21,500.

Volkswagen's ID.2 all concept

Our wish of getting more truly affordable EVs may be coming true.

Volkswagen confirmed on X that it’s working on EVs for the European market that will be priced around €20,000, or around $21,500. The automaker’s post was slim on details, but this should be the rumored ID.1 that would slot right below the upcoming ID.2 expected to start around $27,000.

Even though $27,000 is a decent price range, we love that automakers are trying to figure out how low they can go when it comes to entry-level EVs. There’s no doubt that Volkswagen is feeling a lot of pressure from other EV makers, especially since BYD plans to introduce its Seagull EV to Europe for around $10,000. As low as BYD is going, Volkswagen still might have a fighting chance in the U.S., where we’re desperate for more affordable EV options.

Volkswagen may debut a smaller version of the ID.2 in 2027.


The Ideal City Commuter

Besides a price point and a vague release date, Volkswagen didn’t offer much else about its next budget EV. The automaker only detailed that it’s looking to set the standard for technology, affordability, design, and quality when it comes to EVs in this price range. Considering the ID.1 will be designed for the European market, it’s likely going to be a small two-door meant for commuting in a city.

Fortunately, Volkswagen has plenty of experience making small European cars. We’re expecting the upcoming ID.1 to share some similar design elements to the ID.2 that Volkswagen is currently working on and is expected to release in 2025. Besides that, the automaker is working on a souped-up version of the ID.2 that’s called the ID.GTI, which will hit the market in 2026.

Volkswagen has worked on several small EV designs, like this ID. GTI concept.


More Affordable EVs Coming

Volkswagen’s post on X sets a 2027 launch date for its more affordable EVs, which means we’re still a few years out from getting more info on a potential ID.1. However, the ID.2’s upcoming debut should offer a glimpse at what this even cheaper model could look like.

Volkswagen isn’t the only EV maker that has more approachable models in the works. With all these automakers trying to fill the gap that Tesla has created after backing out of a $25,000 model, the competition at this lower price point is heating up. Even if we don’t get the ID.1 stateside, we have Chevrolet planning a comeback for its Bolt in 2025 and Ford working on affordable EVs that will run on a new, smaller platform.

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