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This Vision Pro App Makes Spatial Personas Look Like the Best Way to Co-Watch Sports

So long as everyone has Apple Vision Pros. mixed reality app that uses spatial personas to watch AR sports on the Vision Pro.

When Apple added Spatial Personas, it made the Vision Pro feel less lonely. Now, developers are trying to embrace the social aspect of Apple’s newest Vision Pro feature, creating ways to watch live sports with friends and family. is taking full advantage of Spatial Personas by designing apps that let people watch sporting events with other Vision Pro users. It might be a hard sell to get people to wear the Vision Pro for the entire duration of a game, but the idea of using mixed reality to make live sports a more memorable experience at least looks exciting in theory.

The High-Tech Way to Watch Sports

As seen in the demo, the Spatial Personas still look like ethereal avatars that you get to celebrate goals, touchdowns, and buckets with in real time. While it’s not the same as watching the game in an arena or stadium, it still beats watching a live match together over FaceTime or Skype.

On top of that virtual connection, Immersiv’s dashboard gives you more info than a traditional sports-watching experience. Along with a regular screen showing the game, you get a 3D representation of what’s happening, which can be annotated with virtual stats or fun facts. You can even pull up additional displays for information on specific players or live analyses of the games. While this might be overkill for some sports fans, there are lots of potential perks over watching the game in strict 2D.

Immersiv’s addition of Spatial Personas feels more like watching a game with your friends on the same sofa.

The Next Match You Watch Could be In VR

To take advantage of Spatial Personas and Immersiv’s sports apps, you’ve got to buy Apple’s $3,500 “spatial computer” first. That being said, Immersiv’s experiences are available on all AR glasses, including the Meta Quest headsets, Magic Leap, and other more affordable options without access to Spatial Personas.

Still, Immersiv isn’t an app that’s readily available on an app store for users to play around with on their own. Instead, the company partners with major organizations and corporations to offer its unique experiences, like FIFA, NHL, F1, or WNBA. You’ll have to keep an eye out to see if whatever sport you’re interested in will broadcast in augmented reality. If it does, you’ll get a glimpse into the future of watching sports with Spatial Personas.

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