This Xbox Controller Has a Mini Screen That Shows All Your Phone Notifications

Check your messages in between matches without ever having to put your controller down.

Turtle Beach's Stealth Ultra Wireless Smart Game Controller
Turtle Beach

Like clockwork, everyone checks their Instagram or Discord messages in between rounds of Fortnite, but Turtle Beach is letting us do that without ever having to put down the controller.

Turtle Beach revealed its Stealth Ultra Wireless Smart Game Controller which has a mini 1.5-inch screen as its defining feature. The tiny full-color display acts as the controller’s command center where you can customize a ton of settings and check your social app notifications.

Turtle Beach isn’t the first to shove a tiny display into an Xbox controller. Asus beat the peripherals company to the punch when it showed off its own ROG Raikiri Pro controller at CES 2023. Asus’ controller with a built-in screen isn’t as feature-packed as Turtle Beach’s offering, though, which is supposed to come out just in time for the holidays.

A small display on your Xbox controller adds so many features.

Turtle Beach


Looking at just the aesthetics, it is rad to have a little screen that shows you all the important info like charge level, volume, and notifications. Asus still incorporates a lot of functionality into the display, letting you switch between controller profiles, map out your buttons, adjust your thumbstick response and dead zones, tweak your rumble intensity, and even balance out your audio settings.

The Stealth Ultra also has all the features that we see with other “pro” controllers. Asus made sure to include Hall Effect sensors so that stick drift wouldn’t be an issue and adjustable trigger stops so you can have shorter presses for first-person shooters and more leeway when it comes to driving games. The Stealth Ultra also has four customizable buttons that give you a little edge in some games.

At this point, all controllers should feature Hall effect joysticks like Turtle Beach’s Stealth Ultra.

Turtle Beach

Asus says you’ll get up to 30 hours of playtime if you set the controller to Eco Mode, which turns off the RGB lighting. Once it’s dead, it’ll take less than two hours to get the Stealth Ultra back to full charge.


Turtle Beach already put the Stealth Ultra controller up for preorder on its website and it will start shipping on December 15. It’s definitely pricey at $199.99, especially when compared to Asus’ ROG Raikiri which goes for $169.99. Although for $30 extra, you’re getting a better full-color mini screen and Hall effect joysticks.

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