Sonys’ Project Q PlayStation Handheld Could Be Priced at Under $300

That’s a lot... for a handheld that might have limited streaming features.

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Sony PlayStation Project Q handheld price speculated by Microsoft

Microsoft’s tussle with the Federal Trade Commission is shining light on an unlikely competitor. Uncovered by Axios’ Stephen Totilo, there’s a footnote in the documents provided in the Microsoft FTC trial that speculates that Sony will release its PlayStation 5-compatible “Project Q” handheld later this year for less than $300.

Obviously, this news isn’t coming from Sony itself but as a direct competitor, Microsoft is likely qualified to make an educated guess here. If correct (or in the ballpark), a $300 Project Q handheld would pit it against cloud-gaming competitors like the Razer Edge which goes for $399.99 and the Logitech G Cloud which retails for $349.99. Although, the sub-$300 price tag makes sense since Sony’s handheld is meant to be a direct link to your PS5, instead of tapping into the cloud for gaming.


The $300 estimate also comes close to other popular handhelds like the Steam Deck ($399.99) and the Nintendo Switch ($299 for the 7-inch and $349 for the OLED model), though Valve and Nintendo’s options have the advantage of being untethered. Plus, you can already use PS Remote Play with a compatible iOS or Android device and pair it with a $100 Backbone controller and get the same result.

Sony has a lot to work out with the Project Q handheld. We still don’t have a full spec list of features, or pricing and release details. Project Q differs from other handhelds since it needs Wi-Fi to connect to PS Remote Play, making it feel more like an extension of a PS5 rather than a standalone device.

From what we’ve seen so far, Project Q looks like a DualSense controller spliced with an 8-inch screen. We do know that Project Q will get up to 1080p resolution and 60fps while having all the buttons and features of DualSense controllers.


For now, we’re waiting for Sony to share more details about Project Q “in the coming months.” The big question is how much will PS5 owners pay for a handheld that’s seemingly made only for streaming games from a console? $300 might be a little bit too much when more capable handhelds with a huge library of native games cost a few more bucks.

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