This Electric Pickup Can Haul Things As Fast as the Cybertruck — And It’s a Lot More Affordable

China is getting this budget-friendly Cybertruck alternative first.

Radar RD6 electric pickup
Radar / Weibo

This pickup truck may not look like a Cybertruck, but it could haul like one — and for a lot less money.

Radar Auto, the outdoors lifestyle EV brand from China’s Geely Group, teased details about a four-wheel drive model of its RD6 all-electric pickup truck. The RD6 launched last year in China but was only available in three different rear-wheel drive trims. Now, the upcoming 4WD version is expected to compete with the Cybertruck on acceleration while carrying heavy cargo. Even better, this more powerful RD6 should be a lot cheaper than the Cybertruck.

Radar priced its RD6 electric pickup at $25,000 for its rear-wheel drive trims.


Capable and Cost-Effective

During Radar’s annual press conference, the company’s CEO Ling Shiquan claimed that the 4WD version of the RD6 would have the same acceleration as the Cybertruck when hauling cargo. While somewhat vague on the numbers, Shiquan said that the RD6 4WD can hit 0 to 62 mph in around four seconds while carrying hundreds of pounds of cargo. The electric pickup will also get a wading depth that beats out the Hummer EV’s 32 inches.

Radar did tease that the 4WD trim will get some key upgrades from its existing rear-wheel drive variants. According to Radar, the RD6 in 4WD will get a bump up in payload capacity to more than 1,900 lbs from the current 950-lb maximum and an increase in towing capacity from 2.5 tons to 3 tons. New to the 4WD model, the RD6 will be able to charge other EVs, too.

Radar didn’t offer up any spec sheets yet but we can glean some info from the existing rear-wheel drive models. If Radar decides to go with the same parts, we’re expecting at least a 200 kW motor and up to a 100 kWh battery pack that can get around 392 miles.

The RD6 may not have as striking of a design as Cybertruck, but it can still keep up.

Radar / Weibo

The Cybertruck for China

Radar’s CEO said the automaker is planning to release the 4WD trim of the RD6 in the second quarter of the year. The company hasn’t revealed pricing yet but considering the upgrades, we’re expecting the 4WD version to be slightly more expensive than the current $25,000 starting price of the current RD6 models. Either way, it should stay a lot cheaper than even the most affordable Cybertruck.

With Radar being a Chinese EV maker, there’s a good chance that the RD6 won’t make it over to stateside. Geely Group, which owns both Volvo and Lotus, did post about plans to export the RD6 back when the EV was released in July, but hasn’t detailed to which countries. Radar’s timing with the 4WD RD6 couldn’t be any better since Tesla is touring its Cybertruck throughout China, even though it can’t sell the existing model in its current state.

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