This Beastly Cargo E-Bike Is Powerful Enough To Haul a Whole Grand Piano

Handling up to 1,100 lbs of cargo is no joke.

Pelican's PelicanTrain modular cargo e-bike

E-bikes can do a lot of stuff nowadays, but hauling heavy loads is not necessarily their strong suit. Unless you’re riding the PelicanTrain, that is.

Pelican’s recently introduced PelicanTrain cargo e-bike that can be customized to fit whatever haul you need to get home. Thanks to a modular design, the PelicanTrain can transform from a plain cargo e-bike to one that can tow two trailers behind it, maxing out at a 1,100-lb capacity.

Cargo e-bikes have provided a solution to the problem of wanting to ride around on an e-bike but not having enough space to bring anything with you. There are even cargo e-scooters now that further reduce your footprint, while still giving you enough space to carry the necessities. But even with a growing category, we’ve never seen a cargo e-bike that can haul this much weight.

The PelicanTrain manages to still feel like riding an e-bike since all the motors are synchronized.


Customizable cargo space

According to Pelican, the PelicanTrain can handle up to 100 kg, or around 220 lbs, when set up just as a cargo e-bike. Each trailer adds another 200 kg of capacity, or around 440 lbs, allowing for that max capacity of 1,100 lbs. That’s enough to comfortably haul around a grand piano, several fridges, or a bunch of your buddies.

The PelicanTrain’s customizable layout means you can tailor it to certain tasks, like courier services, garbage collection, or even catering. Of course, you’re not limited to these use cases since the PelicanTrain can be adjusted to whatever you’re hauling.

You can order a PelicanTrain that suits a particular sector, like this one designed for craftsmen and industrial use.


Pelican included a 750 Wh battery and motor that puts out 111 Nm of torque in the base cargo e-bike. Each of the trailers also has a matching motor, but a more powerful 1,000 Wh battery. You won’t feel the weight of your cargo though, since the PelicanTrain has each of the modules synchronized so they accelerate and brake at the same pace.

The motors are powerful enough to go up a hill with 18 percent grade even with a full load. In the case of runaway cargo, Pelican even included a safety brake on the trailers. The PelicanTrain reportedly only gets around 50 km of max range, or around 31 miles, so you’ll have to plan your itinerary carefully.

Rental Options Available

Pelican is offering several options to get a PelicanTrain including short-term rentals for around $16 a day or long-term rentals for around $49 a month. You can also outright buy the PelicanTrain for €4,500, or around $4,900.

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