This Wild E-Scooter Is Like a Cargo E-Bike Without All the Bulk

Carrying your groceries on an e-scooter is no longer a logistical challenge.

Scootility cargo e-scooter

When it comes to a quick grocery run, cargo e-bikes are way easier to deal with than getting in a car. Even better? Cargo e-scooters that shrink your footprint even further.

There may not be a lot of cargo e-scooters out there, but Scootility is trying to create some momentum. Instead of cargo e-bikes where you sit down, the Scootility has you standing up with a cargo box in front of you.

Besides its funky design that reminds us of Honda’s weird Motocompacto e-scooter, the Scootility solves the very real issue of how to carry all your stuff when you’re on a scooter. Scootility is even saying that its e-scooter takes up less space and has better maneuverability than a cargo e-bike.

The Scootility says its e-scooter is more practical than the cargo e-bikes out there.



Scootility says its cargo e-scooter will get a standard capacity of 140 liters, which it measures as 50 six-packs of the beverage of your choice. That’s more space than a frunk of a Tesla Model 3 that can fit 88 liters. With that much capacity, it should be enough to stuff your groceries, gym gear, or even food deliveries. Scootility also designed its lockable cargo box to be swappable, so you can have separate boxes for specific scenarios to get out of the door quicker.

Similarly, the Scootility’s batteries will be swappable so there’s even less downtime for longer trips. A full suspension should make for a comfier ride for you and your cargo, while a leg rest gives you more stability when riding. When you’re done with it, you can fold down the Scootility’s steering column for easier storage.

The Scootility’s cargo box up front can fit 140 liters of stuff.



Scootility is still early in the process of developing its cargo e-scooter so we don’t have any hard specs like top speed, battery life, or charge times. The startup is currently raising funds to develop the cargo e-scooter but has already developed two prototypes for testing. Even though it’s just a prototype, the demo looks promising with some decent handling and stability for no-hands riding.

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