Nothing’s Ear 2 Wireless Earbuds Now Come in Black

Back in black.

Nothing Ear 2 wireless earbuds in black.

Nothing screams fashion like black — literally. In accordance with that rule of fashion, Nothing is now selling its Ear 2 wireless earbuds in black as opposed to the standard white versions, a move Nothing also pulled with its first-gen Ear 1 wireless earbuds.

If you’re a fan of the Ear 2 in black you may want to act fast. The brand surprise-revealed the wireless buds via Twitter, noting that the black version will be available for a “limited time only.” To snap them up, you can go to Nothing’s site and pay the standard $150 for the Ear 2.

EQ upgrades

If a new aesthetic isn’t enough to entice you, Nothing also announced updates to its Nothing X app that powers various features on its earbuds, including active noise cancellation, sound profiles, and more.

The update, as noted by a video posted to Twitter, allows a far more granular level of equalization for owners of both the Ear 2 and the Ear Stick, which are Nothing’s non-ANC wireless earbuds.

Instead of the previous blob-like interface for custom EQ, advanced EQ allows users to fine-adjust frequencies in 8 bands while also previewing their recently adjusted sound in real-time. On top of that, users can save their custom EQs in the app (a handy feature if you create different EQs for different genres) and even share them with friends who also own Nothing earbuds.

For some people, advanced EQ might be overboard, but for someone like myself who genuinely loves the fact that Nothing leans into custom sound as a feature, the ability to tweak the frequency of my buds even further is a major perk.

If you’re an audio snob like me and own either the Ear 2 or Ear Stick earbuds, you can start using your fancy advanced EQ right now. And if you’re a fan of Nothing, you won't have to wait very long for more major hardware news — the company’s Phone 2, a successor to its first smartphone, will be fully unveiled on July 11 (hopefully with transparent USB-C cable in tow).

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