Nothing’s Transparent USB-C Cable Is Damn Nice

Just take our money.

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Carl Pei

In case it wasn’t already very, um, clear that Nothing is going all-in on the whole transparent design aesthetic for its products, the company co-founder and CEO Carl Pei, shared yesterday a look at USB-C cable with a see-through enclosure.

“Man our new USB Type-C cable is *nice*,” Pei tweeted.

That’s it, a USB-C cable with a transparent chunk of plastic around it. And the internet — mostly tech enthusiasts — are freakin’ losing it.

“How did you manage to make me want to buy a usbc cable,” wrote concept artist Ian Zelbo. Other tech YouTubers and influencers including Ben Geskin and Safwan AhmedMia (SuperSaf on YouTube) expressed their approval.

Why? Because gadget hardware has become so stale in recent years that any thoughtfulness put into anything that would normally go unnoticed is enough to get people salivating.

Does a desirable USB-C cable sound familiar? Let me remind you how Pei created the same awareness at OnePlus. Before OnePlus, USB cables were pretty generic — they were white or black. At OnePlus, Pei and company created the red cable, a thick and durable cable that’s since become iconic. The red cable was so recognizable that OnePlus even named its membership club, Red Cable Club.

Even Apple has quietly made a name for itself with its braided MagSafe and charging cables.

What we don’t know from Pei’s tweet is how you’ll be able to get the transparent USB-C cable. Will it come in the box with the Phone 2 when it launches on July 11 or will Nothing sell it separately?

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