This Full Suspension E-Bike Has a Surprisingly High Range

For those extra-long rides on offroad trails.

Mod Bikes' Mod Black
Mod Bikes

Mod Bikes’ latest e-bike is meant to tear up trails all day long.

The e-bike maker revealed the latest update to its full-suspension model, called the Mod Black, meant to handle off-roading just as well as paved roads. Full suspension isn’t very common with e-bikes, especially commuter models that opt for more versatile storage options instead, but there’s still plenty of space to add accessories with the way Mod Bikes designed the Mod Black.

Even better, the Mod Black runs on three-inch multi-terrain tires, which when paired with a full suspension feels like you get the full mountain bike experience. Sure that may be overkill for a daily commute, but it’s nice knowing the Mod Black is ready to cut across with any sketchy shortcut you find.

The Mod Black dual-battery setup can offer up to 100 miles of range.

Mod Bikes

More Range Than You Can Handle

Normally, the Mod Black gets you 50 miles on a full charge, but you can go for a dual-battery design that doubles the range. This two-battery setup uses both batteries at the same time, instead of a swappable battery design that other other e-bikes use to achieve an impressive range. According to Mod Bikes, it takes between three and six hours to get your Mod Black back to 100 percent.

Mod Bikes updated its Mod Black with its 750W hub motor that lets you top out at 28 mph. Even if you’re gunning it on the Mod Black, the hydraulic disc brakes let you stop on a dime if you run into anything on the trail. The e-bike’s torque sensor even translates your pedal strokes better for a more responsive ride. If you’re riding past dark, the Mod Black has integrated headlights so you stay visible.

However, with Mod Black’s new color display that tells you the speed, battery level, and time, you shouldn’t ever get stranded. The improved display also lets you switch between five programmed modes for different scenarios, including Fit, Eco, Cargo, Sport, and Turbo. If you need to charge up your phone, there’s a built-in USB-A charger. As usual, the Mod Black works with Mod Bikes’ extensive Snap-On ecosystem of accessories, where you can easily snap on and off things like a trunk bag, bench seat, or basket.

The Mod Black may be better suited for trails, but it can still handle daily commutes.

Mod Bikes

The Price of Comfort

You can preorder the Mod Black on Mod Bikes’ website now for $2,999, but the company said the first shipments will start on June 15. That may feel expensive, but full-suspension e-bikes from reputable brands are comparable in price. There are slightly more affordable options out there, like the recently released DRT trim of Ride1Up’s Revv1 e-bike, which currently goes for around $2,300. Either way, a comfy ride while you’re off-roading comes with a cost.

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