The iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button Might Be Even More Useful Than We Thought

A prgrammable Action Button may be the most compelling reason to upgrade.

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It’s time for iPhone buttons to get more... actionable. Code inside the fourth beta of iOS 17 reveals the potential capabilities of the Action Button for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. As uncovered by MacRumors, the code shows nine options to program the button.

We’ve already seen the Action Button with the Apple Watch Ultra, but it’s bound to get more use on the iPhone 15 Pro models, and while we’ve only had hints at nine options so far, there could be more applications to follow.

Apple is bringing its Action Button from the Apple Watch Ultra to its iPhone.



The code in the iOS 17 beta teases a few use cases for the Action Button. The simple functions include turning on or off silent mode, flashlight, or Focus mode. The button can also be programmed to launch the camera app and take a photo or video with another press, launch the translate app and start a conversation or text translation, or start or stop Voice Memo.

The more complex functions include assigning the button to do a shortcut that you’ve programmed on your iPhone or activating one of the various accessibility features like VoiceOver, Zoom, or Assistive Touch.

The days are numbered for Apple’s Mute toggle.



Apple still hasn’t officially announced iPhone 15 yet, but there are plenty of rumors like a titanium design, larger camera bump, and slimmer bezels. We’re expecting Apple to announce the next iPhone series during its usual September release timeframe, but other rumors point to a potential delay. According to a report by The Information, a manufacturing issue related to slimmer bezels for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could lead to a later release window. Slimmer bezels or not, it’s looking like the Action Button will be the real reason to upgrade.

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