iOS 16.4’s Shaking Face Emoji Adds Existential Angst to Your iPhone Keyboard

We now have the most accurate emoji for when you’re having an existential crisis.


Everybody loves a new emoji. With Apple’s latest iOS update, we’re getting 21 of them including a new smiley face, hand gesture, animals, and more. Beyond the fresh emoji, Apple also included updated features like voice isolation for phone calls and better optimization for Crash Detection in iOS 16.4.

The 21 new emoji in all their individual glory.


Of the 21 new emoji, we’re betting the shaking face emoji will be the most used, considering how similar it feels to everyone’s favorite Mr. Krabs meme. The other emoji include a light blue, gray, and pink heart, along with a Wi-Fi symbol and the Khanda, a symbol used in Sikhism.

The hand gestures are giving off strong “talk to the hand” vibes.


The update also brings a right-facing and left-facing pushing hand that we can use in combination for a high five, or even by itself as a “stop” gesture. The update includes a number of animals and objects, like a moose, goose, peapod, and ginger. We didn’t get as many new emoji as last year with iOS 15.4, which included the similarly-relatable melting face smiley.


Emoji aside, Apple pushed out some less superficial updates with iOS 16.4. Apple expanded its Voice Isolation feature to cellular calls, making you sound clearer and blocking out ambient noise. This feature was already available on FaceTime calls but you can apply the same tech to your regular calls now.

The latest iOS update also lets you receive push notifications for your website shortcuts. With iOS 16.4, any time you make a web app off Safari, you can allow it to send you push notifications like a regular app. In terms of safety features, Apple optimized its Crash Detection feature for its iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

Your shared photo albums will also look less repetitive since Apple expanded its Duplicates feature. The Duplicates album in Photos can now detect duplicate photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library. Apple also added an accessibility setting that automatically dims video when flashes of lights or strobe effects are detected to help those who get epileptic seizures.


iOS 16.4 is already available on compatible iPhones. You can get the update by going through your phone’s Settings icon, going through the General Tab, and looking for the Software Update button. If you also have a Mac, Apple released its macOS Venture 13.3 software update, too.

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