These Pokémon-Covered Mechanical Keyboards Are Made With OG Fans in Mind

Gotta catch ‘em all (if you can).

Higround's keyboard collaboration with Pokémon

If you’ve got a Master Ball, now may be the time to use it.

Higround revealed the latest collaboration for its limited-edition (read: difficult to nab) mechanical keyboards and it’s with none other than Pokémon. Even better, the keyboards feature four Pokémon from the Kanto region, which — if you’re old enough — is objectively the best generation of Pokémon.

Any love for the Grass-type starters out there?


Squirtle Squad represent.


Mewtwo and purple keycaps are a match made in heaven.

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You’ll get to choose between Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Mewtwo, a Pokéball, or a collection of different types of Pokéballs for the graphics. Each of them will be 65 percent compact keyboards either in Higround’s Basecamp 65, Performance Basecamp 65, or Summit 65 models that go from least to most expensive.

As usual, Higround went with side-printed keycaps to show off the clean graphics on top. There are a few standout keycaps that add an extra touch, especially the Enter key that shows off the corresponding Pokémon’s number in the Pokédex. For the Basecamp 65 keyboard that features the original Pokéball, Higround will be installing glossy keycaps that are unique to this model.

Peep that glossy glory.


If you have some restraint and can resist adding to your mechanical keyboard collection, Higround is still tempting you with some accessories. The Pokémon collection also includes six mousepads that feature even more Pokéballs, Pikachu, the Eeveelutions, and some emblematic Grass-, Fire-, and Water-type Pokémon.


If you sign up for Higround’s early access, you’ll get a code that lets you enter the site 15 minutes before the launch on December 8, 3 p.m. ET. We don’t know the prices yet, but Higround’s previous collab with Yu-Gi-Oh! had keyboards between $145 and $260.

At least the mousepads should be a little easier to get.


Higround has become known for its limited-edition drops, but it has also since released a collection that’s always available. So, if you do miss this Pokémon drop, there’s at least a basic version of Higround’s keyboards for you. Still, it just makes us want to snag one of these Pokémon-themed ones even more.

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