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GE’s Wild Indoor Smoker Makes Actual BBQ On Your Kitchen Countertop

Don’t worry, it won’t set off your smoke detectors.

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker with Active Smoke Filtration
CES 2024

We may finally have a way to barbecue comfortably in the dead of winter.

GE Profile just announced its Smart Indoor Smoker with Active Smoke Filtration, which is meant to do exactly as the name suggests: deliver smoked meats from the comfort of your own home while filtering smoke into warm air.

GE’s indoor smoker is designed to make it easy for those getting into barbecuing with a simple design reminiscent of an air fryer. Still, it could also win over barbecue diehards who don’t want to brave the cold just for some tender smoked ribs.

Indoor barbecuing is no longer a pipe dream.


All of The Taste, None of The Smoke

The indoor smoker still uses the same wood pellets that its traditional counterparts burn, while using up less thanks to a more efficient design. Once it’s cooking, the indoor smoker has an airflow system and tight gaskets to keep the smoke inside, where it’s converted into warm air that fills your kitchen with that barbecue aroma.

GE designed the indoor smoker to use separate heat sources for burning the pellets and cooking the actual food inside. There are also six preset options for fan-favorite barbecue items like brisket, pork ribs, pork butt, chicken wings, chicken breast, and salmon. GE says it’s large enough to fit three racks of baby back ribs, a brisket, a whole chicken, up to 40 chicken wings, or a 14-lb pork butt. You can even adjust the smoke intensity up to five levels and change the temperature, opening up the possibility of side dishes and desserts.

GE is making barbecue as easy as possible, adding a Smoke and Hold option that automatically keeps your food warm once it’s done smoking. There’s even a built-in temperature probe so you don’t have to guess when your meats are done cooking.

An integrated meat thermometer is a genius design.


Better Than No Barbecue At All

Barbecue purists may turn their noses up at this indoor smoker, but we see this doing what the air fryer did for deep-fried foods. Even though GE’s indoor smoker may not be as versatile as an air fryer, it will be a lifesaver for when those random cravings for pulled pork hit.

The Smart Indoor Smoker is already available on GE’s website and retailers across the U.S. for $999. If you want to test it out in person, GE will have it on display at CES 2024 starting on January 7.

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