This 38 Mph E-Skateboard Is Too Fast for Any Sane Person

It may go without saying but, you should probably wear a helmet riding this.

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Defiant: One e-skateboard
Defiant Board Society

Wherever you’re going with the Defiant: One electric skateboard, you’ll get there fast. Just make sure you don’t get a face full of concrete on the way there. The e-skateboard startup Defiant Board Society introduced its first offering to the e-mobility market and did so without holding back.

There are a ton of new companies offering their takes on e-mobility, so Defiant Board Society is just the latest of the bunch. Going off the branding, the company looks like it’s trying to capture a specific demographic, particularly the edgier among us who are interested in going ridiculously fast.

The Defiant: One tops out at 38 mph.

Defiant Board Society

Go fast and far

Branding choices aside, the specs show that the Defiant: One is a very powerful e-skateboard. It can hit at least 38 mph but can be tamed with three different speed modes that can suit beginners or experts. The e-skateboard gets a max range of 40 miles of range but you can probably get more mileage if you ride more conservatively.

The Defiant: One was built with two 4.5kW motors and a 930Wh battery pack that’s segmented, which makes it feel more like a longboard that has a natural flex and bounce to it. The e-skateboard has a digital dashboard at the nose of the 46-inch deck that shows you how fast you’re going, how much battery you have left, and other pertinent info.

The battery is separated into compartments to allow for some natural flex with the deck.

Defiant Board Society

Defiant Board Society also built a Smart Reverse feature that goes low speed while reversing after stopping when you hold down the brake, to make it easier to back up onto a crosswalk or stop on a hill.

As for the more skateboard-related specs, the trucks can be adjusted to 50-, 43- and 36-degree angles to allow for more carving or stability. The Defiant: One uses big 100mm urethane wheels that have a soft 76a durometer to give you a smooth, grippy ride.

Rebel for $3,000

If the Defiant: One speaks to your rebellious soul, you’ll have to pony up $3,000. It’s already available for preorder, but Defiant Board Society didn’t specify when the e-skateboards would start shipping.

The dashboard will remind you how fast you’re going and how much battery you have left.

Defiant Board Society

For those less experienced with e-skateboards or skateboards in general, there are options on the market that aren’t as high-powered and more affordable. If you have a need for speed though, you should probably at least wear a helmet when you’re kicking up dust on the Defiant: One.

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