This four-wheeled e-scooter wants to be the supercar of electric mobility

The Dragonfly’s platform and four wheels adds stability but doesn’t compromise with its top speed of 25 mph.

Two-wheeled e-scooters may be more common, but maybe it’s time to start exploring what four-wheel designs can do. To that end, D-Fly recently revealed its Dragonfly e-scooter, which it’s calling the “world’s first hyperscooter.”

We’re not sure what qualifies it as a hyperscooter, but D-Fly says it’s the “urban mobility equivalent of a supercar.” It only has a top speed of 25 mph, but there are two-wheeled e-scooters that can leave it in the dust. However, the unique design of the Dragonfly means you can carve and drift your way through the streets or rough terrain.

The Dragonfly gives you a more fluid way of riding an e-scooter.


A new way to ride — D-Fly is releasing two versions of the Dragonfly, the Dragonfly DF that’s meant for city environments and the Dragonfly DFX that’s designed for off-roading. Both versions have two motors that combine for a peak power of 1,650W. The Dragonfly models top out at 25 mph, but that top speed may feel a little more secure with Dragonfly’s four-wheel carbon fiber platform. D-Fly probably could’ve even pushed the top speed even higher considering the more stable design of the Dragonfly, but then again, ultra-fast scooters are an acquired taste.

The four-wheel design isn’t just for more stability though, since the Dragonfly’s Full-Tilt Steering design lets you turn the handlebars to shift all four of the wheels, and even allows you to lean into the turn like cornering on a motorcycle. The 10-inch pneumatic tires are connected by a dual wishbone suspension and fully-articulating axles. You can see Dragonfly’s carving action here:

Dragonfly’s platform design lets you really lean into turns for some carving action.


The Dragonfly design represents a different way of riding compared to the traditional two-wheel e-scooters, which can be less fluid in comparison. The Dragonfly battery can get you about 50 miles on a full charge, and takes about three hours of charging to get to 100 percent. The whole thing weighs about 37 pounds, but the DFX model comes with hand guards, an extra fender, and a front and rear rack accessory.

The Dragonfly can be bought through its Indiegogo campaign and is set to release in December.


Shipping in December — D-Fly is releasing the Dragonfly through Indiegogo, raising nearly $400,000 that far surpassed its initial fixed goal at the time of posting. The Dragonfly DF costs $1,937, while the Dragonfly DFX goes for $2,324. D-Fly says manufacturing is currently underway for the Dragonfly scooters, with both models estimated to ship December 2022.

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