This iPhone-Sized Handheld Can Play Dreamcast, DS, and PSP Games

Another budget handheld, but in an even smaller form factor.

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Anbernic's RG28XX playing Street Fighter
Anbernic / YouTube

Popular handheld maker Anbernic is still cranking out new offerings at a wild pace. Following the refreshed RG35XX 2024, Anbernic showed off another handheld that looks about the size of the latest non-Pro iPhones (12.5 x 5.65 x 1.65cm).

The horizontal RG28XX isn’t as powerful as Anbernic’s top-of-the-line handhelds like the RG556, but it’s still capable of running older titles from PSP, Nintendo DS, and Dreamcast. Anbernic has made mini handhelds before, but it might be trying to stay competitive in the world of pocketable competitors like Miyoo’s A30, which is supposed to be released this month.

Of course Anbernic has a transparent black colorway for its upcoming handheld.

Anbernic / YouTube

Small Screen, Powerful Processor

You want specs for the RG28XX? Here you go: 1.5GHz H700 quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, dual-core Mali G31 MP2 GPU, 1GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and 64GB of storage via a microSD card. The screen is a 2.83-inch IPS display (640 x 480 resolution) with OCA full lamination.

If you’re looking for joysticks or solid ergonomics, you’re better off with the RG35XX H. The RG28XX’s design has a small D-pad, ABXY buttons, shoulder buttons, and start and select buttons. With how small the device is, you’re sacrificing any chance of a comfy grip for the portability — especially for those with larger hands. The handheld also supports rumble. Like the Anbernic RG35XX 2024, there’s no Wi-Fi, only 2.4GHz Bluetooth for wireless and wired controllers. At the very least, it can also be hooked up to an external display thanks to an HDMI port.

All the colorways for the upcoming Anbernic RG28XX.

Anbernic / YouTube

New Orange Colorway

Anbernic has priced the RG28XX at $43.99, available on April 25. The good thing is that we have a new attractive orange colorway to stand out from the usual off-white, Game Boy gray, and transparent black options.

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