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stranger things season 4 poster

When Is the 'Stranger Things' Season 5 Release Date? David Harbour Just Shared a Huge Update

ByJake Kleinman

We may finally know when the Netflix show’s final season will debut.

The Inverse Awards 2022

Meet the Inverse Scene Stealers class of 2022

ByJake Kleinman

These eight actors stole the spotlight in our favorite shows and movies of the year.

Scene Stealers 2022

How Eduardo Franco drove a pizza van straight into Stranger Things fans’ hearts

ByAlex Welch

Let’s all tip our hats to the greatest pizza delivery guy of 2022, shall we?

The Inverse Awards 2022

The 10 best monsters of 2022

ByJake Kleinman

This year, psychological horror was no longer enough.

Leggo my Eggo

Stranger Things Season 5 could finally fix the show’s biggest problem

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla

David Harbour, Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper, noted in an interview that Season 5 will be a "home run" for audiences.

Master of Puppets

Stranger Things Season 5 teaser could mean the return of a dead character

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla

Fans believe they've been given a clue by the Duffer Brothers. Is it legit, or just wishful thinking?

Netflix and Game

11 excellent games you can play right now with your Netflix subscription

ByRobin Bea

Netflix’s mobile app lets you do more than just watch.

First Name Basis

Stranger Things Easter Egg reveals an unnerving hidden Vecna power

ByDais Johnston

Was the Vecna plotline being foreshadowed in Season 3?

When a Stranger Calls

Stranger Things Surfer Boy pizza Easter egg reveals a bizarre Season 4 secret

ByEric Francisco

The world of Stranger Things is closer than you think, thanks to a bunch of working phone numbers that offer fans neat Easter eggs.

Dreading the Boards

Hey Duffer Bros.! Here’s 4 free pitches for the Stranger Things stage play

ByDais Johnston

Give my regards to Hawkins...

Fan Theory

Stranger Things Season 5 Eddie theory predicts a totally metal D&D twist

ByCorey Plante

“This one’s for you, Chrissy!”

Will the Wise

Stranger Things Season 5 theory hints at a new superhero ally for Eleven

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla

The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that Will Byers is going to have a more central role in the final season.


Stranger Things creators confirm spin-off series, a live-action Death Note, and more

ByEric Francisco

The Duffers have formed Upside Down Pictures.

Stranger Theory

Stranger Things Season 5 time travel theory predicts a mind-blowing twist

ByCorey Plante

Sometimes the only way to fix the apocalypse is to undo it.

Master of Puppets

Here's everyone who lived and died in the Stranger Things Season 4 finale

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla

Who lived, who died, and who’s recuperating from a metal battle.


Stranger Things Season 4 ending explained: How the emotional final episode foretells Season 5

ByMónica Marie Zorrilla

Episode 9 delivered a one-two punch to the heart with some bittersweet reunions.