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As the Covid-19 vaccine rollout progresses, we need about 75 percent of the country to get vaccinated to end the pandemic.

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To the Moon - NASA video shows a brilliant little moon rover's maneuvers

The number of vehicles that have landed on the Moon remains a very exclusive club. The Moon buggies of the ‘70s and China’s recent exploration of the far side of the Moon stand out, but a Pittsburgh-based company wants to see many more rovers on the surface. To do so, it’s thinking small.

This month, Astrobotic and NASA announced that the company's tiny CubeRovers had completed its mobility tests with NASA.

The rovers are tiny, standing at a mere 3.3 feet (103 centimeters) and weighing only 73 pounds.

While they have a long way to go before they are ready for launch, the company tells Inverse that they will “absolutely” be ready by 2024, in time for NASA’s planned Artemis mission launch date.

Watch this rover in action →

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Leg Day Observer - A beginner's guide to weight lifting

Even with gyms closing, New Year's Eve is coming and people want to get in shape. But starting the steps to take on a new exercise program can be confusing. It feels like there are one hundred ways to get fit, and just as many checklists, strength goals, and pieces of data to sift through before making a decision.

Synthesizing everything can feel paralyzing. Which exercises should you do? And how? If you’re thinking about lifting, how do you know it’s for you?

The choice, really, is easy, and there’s no downside. Being active in any way is a good thing. Some exercises might be better than others at achieving certain goals, but all are good. Choosing between lifting, or yoga, or swimming, or running shouldn’t feel overwhelming. It’s like picking dessert at a restaurant!

You don’t have to start from scratch, but you do need a plan →

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History - One of these women will be the first to set foot on the Moon

NASA's upcoming Artemis mission is scheduled to send the next man and the first woman to the Moon. It's a huge step for the agency with a spotty history.

Recently, NASA announced 18 astronaut candidates for the Artemis Team, two of whom will take on this historic endeavor.

“I give you the heroes who will carry us to the Moon and beyond – the Artemis Generation,” Vice President Mike Pence said at the unveiling. "The Artemis Team astronauts are the future of American space exploration – and that future is bright."

Artemis Team, assemble! →

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Finish Line - To end the pandemic, the Covid-19 vaccine must clear one final obstacle

On December 10, a key panel of scientists gathered over video chat to discuss the fate of the United States’ first coronavirus vaccine.

After nine painful hours of presentations, a majority, 17 of 22 scientists, gave the vaccine the greenlight.

Meanwhile, the American public was coming to a different conclusion. The vaccine hasn’t completely won the hearts and minds of everyday people.

While “early adopters” are eager to get in line and share their positive experiences with the vaccine — both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have already done so — we may soon hit a sticking point, William Schaffner tells Inverse. He’s an expert in infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Data hints at a blurry forecast. A poll run by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago in December found 47 percent of Americans plan to get a vaccine. Meanwhile, 26 percent had no plans and 27 percent were unsure.

For the pandemic to end, about 75% of Americans need to be vaccinated. The question is: How do you convince the undecided?

Emma Betuel reports in our latest feature →

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The Abstract — Neuralink: Meet your new robot brain

Neuralink, a four-year-old company founded by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, makes some lofty promises.

By developing a chip that may allow us to control a computer with our mind, the team hopes to one day heal debilitating brain conditions and even allow us to rewind human memories — or at least download them into robots.

With the power to revolutionize how humans can control their own brain, machine interface technology is not only reimagining what future humans can do, but who they are at their core.

In this episode of The Abstract, we discuss how breakthroughs in brain-machine interfaces can restore sensory and motor function and treat neurological disorders.

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