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This new Webb Telescope image looks like a painting

Plus: The best cat game ever made is a serious GOTY contender.

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Where does space begin? Explore the history of an experimental military program

Sixty years ago this week, Robert Micheal White returned from space.

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The world’s largest radio telescope picks up peculiar signals from space

Plus: 10 images capture the destruction of Yellowstone National Park.

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Gut check

New research adds to growing evidence that gut health is pivotal for mental and physical health.

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10 people who shaped how we think about Covid-19 in 2020

These stories helped inform our understanding of Covid-19's place in history.

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20 discoveries that redefined humans in 2020

Where do we come from? In 2020 we came a little closer to finally answering that question and more.

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The wildest space stories of 2020

Come with us, as we traverse asteroids, land on the dark side of the Moon, and uncover the origins of life.

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The most WTF science stories of 2020

Nature is weird, animals can be disgusting, and the cosmos is beyond understanding.


Inverse Daily: Our favorite new characters of 2020

Chosen by us, ranked by you.


The "final stage" influencer

As the Covid-19 vaccine rollout progresses, we need about 75 percent of the country to get vaccinated to end the pandemic.

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Restoring vision to the blind

Technologies to compensate for limited sight have come a long way from the invention of Braille in the 1800s.

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A skeptic's guide to feeling gratitude in 2020

Gratitude can be challenging to feel even in the best of years. In 2020, it's even harder.