Maddie Bender

Maddie Bender is a freelance science writer. Her work has appeared in CNN, VICE, Salon, Live Science, and other outlets.


How one architect’s radical ideas about nature changed American cities forever

Frederick Law Olmsted would have been 200 years old today — his legacy endures.

Future Earth 2121

What happens if we solve climate change?

“It's very important that we take steps, and we take them rapidly.”

Future Earth 2121

What would happen if a pandemic killed 10 percent of humans?

Future Earth 2121

What would happen if a giant asteroid hit the earth?

Future Earth 2121

What would happen if the polar ice caps melted?

“The number of people that would be affected by this is about 40% of the world population.”

Future Earth 2121

What would happen if a supervolcano erupted?

Young Innovators

Meet the “most powerful” team in Science Olympiad

The Troy Science Olympiad team has won 13 national championships, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

New Pioneers

Meet Darrion Nguyen, the Bill Nye of millennials

The 25-year-old research technician is breaking the mold from within the lab.

New Pioneers

Kellie Gerardi might be the first social media star in space

The intergalactic influencer and commercial space professional is ready to go into orbit.

New Pioneers

Nadya Peek creates machines that can make (almost) anything

“If I want something to happen, I’ll just sit down and make it work, no matter what.”

Young Innovators

These teens want to solve plastic pollution through gene-editing

Owen Plourde and Raphaela De Marchi Padovani come up with ideas for a better future.

New Pioneers

Juli Lawless knows no bounds

At Made In Space, she’s changing the game of aerospace technology.

New Pioneers

Sarah McAnulty has a tentacle in every pot

"I just went in guns blazing, like, 'I'm Sarah McAnulty, I love squid.' These other people applying may be older, but I know what I want."

Young Innovators

Michelle Kunimoto boldly discovers where no one has before

The 26-year-old has found over 20 exoplanets, and wants others to try their hands at it, too.

young innovators

An EEG for Black people: It came to Arnelle Etienne in a dream

The young innovator is expanding neuroscience to include people like her.

Young Innovators

Masaki Takeuchi is using A.I. to give a voice to the voiceless

People who have been robbed of their voice due to cancer can not only speak again, but speak with their own voice, not a robot's.