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'Lost Soul' Connects the Fiascos of the 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Moreau' Shoots

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Lewis Carroll's Wise Words About Email Writing

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'Blade Runner 2' Has One Slim Shot at Being Legit

The Los Angeles of the distant future must be built by hand.


So Austin Cobra Was Briefly a Thing

We hardly knew ya.


Texas and Jade Helm: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Not everyone in my home state is nuts. There's just a lot of room.


Rich Pellegrino, Pop Culture Artist with a Purpose

'American cinema and TV are in dire need of a shakeup.'


Couch Potato Kids Will Get Their Asses Kicked as Teens

Want to keep your kids from being bullied? Keep them from psychological laziness.


What Are the Best Sci-Fi Film Scores of All Time?

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Early Fatherhood Is a Damn Tornado

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R.I.P. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

A programmer and gamer who rejuvenated a sleeping giant.

Texas Is Using French Wasps to Kill Invasive Bamboo

Importing a foreign invader to kill a foreign invader: What could go wrong?


The Dissolve Is Shuttering. It Makes Me Miss Ebert.

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Dear Universe, Bring Me Back as Tom Hardy

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When Bad Books Become Great Films

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Why Are People Infatuated with Minions?

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