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A wild black hole discovery has been made

Plus: eight new scientific images that shine a light into the darkness.

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NASA’s big, tardy rocket isn’t doomed — but it sure seems kinda doomed

Plus: Gawker's back.

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Look for one planet in the sky every night until August 2

Plus: Elon Musk says he will break with a 200-year-old tradition

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Dirt may ruin our best view of aliens

Plus: Why video games were at the heart of the Olympics opening ceremony.

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30-50 feral hogs are indeed disrupting our lives

Plus: Are you born with a “math brain”?

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Ready to toss yesterday into a dumpster? Keep reading.

Plus: Why your dog is green.

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Henry Golding has big “main character energy”

Plus: Is it OK to let your dog sleep in your bed?

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Jeff Bezos has done it, folks: “Best day ever!” says capitalist titan after he rockets to space

Plus: The creepy Boston Dynamics video, explained.

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The Olympics kick off this week: Is Tokyo actually ready?

Plus: DNA study finds less than two percent of the human genome is “human”.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is turning gamers into naturalists: study

Plus: Fact-checking the Minnesota goldfish mystery.

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The most dystopian chemical on Earth has met its match

Plus: What Carl Sagan got right about Star Wars.

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Could you turn sweat into electricity? The idea has scientists intrigued

Plus: BMW motorcycles have gone electric.