Inverse Daily wins 2020 Digiday Media Award for Best Newsletter

Our free daily newsletter that's packed with the latest science and innovation news has been awarded. ⭐

We beat Ellen.

Inverse Daily, our free newsletter that hits inboxes at 10 a.m. Eastern, won the Digiday media award for Best Newsletter on Thursday.

Other nominees included Grist's The Beacon and Ellen Digital Network's The Ellen Degeneres Show Newsletter.

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Inverse Daily is written by Greta Moran and the editorial staff of Inverse. It is edited by Nick Lucchesi and Chelsea Szmania. It is managed by Evan Meredith. It was built and is maintained by engineers Winton Welsh, Clayton Gentry, and Kameron Niksefat. The account executive for advertising is Corey Brandl. Michael Cahill and Dave Nemetz have long led our mission.

We're thrilled that we won, but personally, I'm not surprised. It's a fantastic newsletter with heart and substance. I am a longtime newsletter junkie and can say ours is as good as any out there. Now we can say it's even better than some. Even ones associated with Ellen Degeneres.

Digiday is a trade magazine for online media founded in 2008. It reports on the advertising, publishing, and media industry. Here's the video showing the big moment:

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