Andrew Paul

Andrew Paul is a contributing dystopia beat writer for Input and The AV Club, with work also recently featured by Rolling Stone, MEL, Fangoria, GQ, NBC, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. He lives outside Indianapolis.

TikTok's dangerous 'Blackout Challenge’ allegedly already killed seven kids

Multiple deaths are tied to the reckless, algorithmically promoted social media stunt.

Don't Try This At Home

OkCupid under FTC lens over claims it sold user pics to facial recognition firm

OkCupid's owners at are really keen on keeping any info on the issue away from prying eyes, too.


We need to talk about Elon Musk's breeding program

Musk confirmed (once again) that he’s spreading his seed to ‘save’ society. We can’t ignore it any longer.

Baby Factory

New lawsuit claims Facebook could still access deleted user data for cops

A former employee says Meta fired him after he raised concerns about a 'protocol' allowing the company to access deleted Messenger data.


What's up with the Dilbert guy fantasizing about dead kids?

Scott Adams' introduction into the Bad Tweet Hall of Fame sheds light on a very strange motif.

Bad Tweet Hall of Fame

Marjorie Taylor Greene fell for an obviously altered pic of Highland Park shooter

Unlike past staged antics, she seemed genuinely duped by this one.


YouTube won't let creator correct horror video's 'For Kids' rating sans appeal

Any fan of Kris Straub's long-running cult horror project, Local 58, will know 'Show for Children' is anything but that.

Look away, kids

Gators Daily is the shitpost economy's apex predator

The Twitter account's rise to viral fame made absolute sense in the internet's ecosystem. What its creator did with it is another story entirely.


Planned Parenthood's abortion scheduler shares data with Google, Facebook

Not a great look if you're an agency advocating for abortion rights.

Planned Privacy

'Crypto winter' puts North Korea's nuke program on ice

The ongoing decline in cryptocurrency values affects everyone holding coin, including Kim Jong-Un.


California accidentally lists IDs of residents with concealed carry permits

The state's botched launch of a '2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal' exposed names, ages, and addresses.


SCOTUS just overturned Roe v. Wade, here's how to fight back

A few suggestions for aid and support during on very dark day.

Roe vs. Wade

Tesla Powerwall owners will soon get paid to be energy mules

The Virtual Power Plant program is about as useful as it is bleak, unfortunately.


Toyota recalls new bZ4X electric vehicle after wheels start falling off

A spokesperson tells Input that the Toyota is unable to verify how many times drivers experienced wheel failure while driving.


Amazon's plan to have Alexa deepfake dead relatives is even worse than it sounds

It's hard to fully capture something so brazenly boundary-crossing, but we're going to try our best.

Hard Pass

FDA bans Juul e-cigs, parents everywhere rejoice

The Food and Drug Administration is making an example out of Juul, but e-cig enthusiasts don't need to panic just yet.

Last Drag

Amazon’s newest robot is a dinky warehouse Roomba called Proteus

The company's “first fully autonomous mobile robot” has a pretty dramatic name for such a mundane job.

Robot Army

Lawsuit claims Google division is staffed by members of New Age 'cult'

The Fellowship of Friends apparently runs deep in the Google Developer Studio, and they'd like to keep it that way.

The Fellowship

Ex-Amazon employee convicted in 2019 Capital One hack after bragging online

Over 100 million people were affected by Paige Thompson exploiting Amazon Web Services in 2016.


Visual FX legend Phil Tippett on the 30-year nightmare of making ‘Mad God’

The stop motion effects genius behind 'Star Wars' and 'Jurassic Park' talks passion projects, mental health, and existential walks to the grocery store.