Marjorie Taylor Greene fell for an obviously altered pic of Highland Park shooter

Unlike past staged antics, she seemed genuinely duped by this one.

PLAINVILLE, GEORGIA - MAY 20: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) flexes her muscles during a Bikers ...
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Marjorie Taylor Greene, contrary to popular belief, often knows exactly what she is doing. The House Representative from Georgia’s fervent MAGA cultism is only matched by an apparent personal desire to further her own rabid, white supremacist, Christian nationalist brand. No soundbite is too puerile, no tweet is too untethered from reality, just as long as it stirs her fanbase into yet another frenzy of donations.

But media savvy doesn’t necessarily translate to other realms. While MTG has knowingly spewed trollish misinformation and offensive garbage in the hopes of catching a few more headlines in the past, we’ve gotta say, it certainly looks like she fell for one of the most egregiously Photoshopped images we’ve seen in quite some time.

Unfortunately, I must force you to head over to MTG’s (last remaining) Twitter account so you can see the “picture” she posted yesterday in a rambling thread about the Highland Park shooter.

‘Supposedly’ Photoshopped — MTG posted the above image to her Twitter account yesterday, along with a seemingly earnest message hinting at some kind of major leftist coverup for mass shooters. “The public should not allow this to continue. People are not stupid,” she said in regards to the altered pic. “Is he in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center in this photo? That’s not his bedroom.”

It didn’t take long before enough people pointed out to Marj that the picture was, in fact, not real, and actually an embarrassingly obvious, quickly rendered photo edit. “Supposedly this is photoshopped,” she followed up barely 30 minutes after her initial tweet, adding that for some reason that only makes for “More reason to release his records.” Which they have been, incidentally.

A darker twist — As amusing as it is to see MTG screw up something so ridiculous, there are definitely indications that the actual edited image itself has unfortunately darker origins. As Politifact notes in its debunk of the tweet, the picture appears to have been associated with now-suspended accounts directly linked to the Highland Park shooter, thereby implying that it was likely made by the shooter himself — almost certainly yet another one of the countless edgelord shitposts he made prior to the massacre.

So, if you really wanted to get technical here, Rep. Greene fell for a shitpost previously made by a mass murderer for the edgelord lulz. Sigh.