Razer’s pricey pro PS5 controller goes all in on customization

If you’re okay shelling out $250, Razer’s Wolverine V2 Pro will surely make your PS5 gaming experience a lot better.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

Razer wants to give PlayStation 5 owners a pro controller before Sony does. The company, known for its gaming peripherals laden with RGB lighting, announced its Wolverine V2 Pro, a wireless controller with pro features that are tailored to the PS5.

Gamers are probably familiar with Razer’s Wolverine lineup since the Wolverine V2 Chroma controller for Xbox has been out for more than a year now. Before the just-announced Wolverine V2 Pro, Razer’s only offerings for PS5 gamers were headsets. Now, its pro PS5 controller could take away some sales from Playstation’s official DualSense Edge controller for all the impatient gamers out there.

Razer’s Wolverine V2 Pro will start at $249.99.


Extra customizability — The Wolverine V2 Pro is a major upgrade from Sony’s base PS5 controller since it has an improved grip, better button designs, and six customizable buttons. The controller’s buttons have a 0.65-millimeter actuation distance, making for quicker button presses that provide better feedback.

Razer’s pro PS5 controller also has two back triggers that can have their sensitivity adjusted for either racing or FPS games. You can go from full-switch pulls to match how you accelerate in racing games or set it to faster triggers to get a quicker response for shooters.

Customize the Wolverine V2 Pro’s buttons to your heart’s content.


Like most pro controllers, the Wolverine V2 Pro has mappable buttons and interchangeable thumbsticks. You’ll get four extra trigger buttons in the back and two extra bumpers at the top of the controller for plenty of customization. The controller comes with two extra sets of thumbsticks — a short convex pair and a tall concave pair, to better fit your gaming needs. It’s worth noting that Razer went with an offset thumbstick design, unlike Sony’s traditional adjacent thumbstick design, so there might be a short adjustment period.

It’s Razer, so of course, there’ll be customizable RGB lights on the controller. The Wolverine V2 Pro will connect via a 2.4GHz wireless connection or through a wired connection from a USB-C cable. The pro controller may have been developed through PlayStation’s official licensing program, but it’s still compatible with PC gaming.

The Wolverine V2 Pro will come with two extra thumbstick sets.


Wait and see — Razer priced the Wolverine V2 Pro at $249.99, which is pretty expensive for a pro controller. The Scuf Reflex Pro starts at $219.99 while the Victrix Pro BFG controller costs $179.99. Keep in mind that Sony is planning on releasing its own pro controller, the DualSense Edge, for $199.99 on January 26.

If you’re too impatient to wait until then, you can already preorder the Wolverine V2 Pro on Razer’s website or at GameStop’s U.S. and European locations. Keep in mind that the controllers are due to ship on December 31.

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