Ram delays its first EV pickup to January but offers a little teaser

The Ram 1500 Revolution will debut at CES 2023 with strong EV pickup truck competition from established automakers and startups.

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First look at Ram 1500 Revolution EV pickup

Ram has some catching up to do with electrifying its lineup, but it just teased its Ram 1500 Revolution that will debut in January at CES 2023. The all-electric pickup truck was originally scheduled to make its first public appearance later this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. For now, we have this teaser image of the highly anticipated EV and thoughts on what it will need to compete.

It’s not Ram’s first electric vehicle since that honor will go to its ProMaster van, but the Ram 1500 Revolution will be the automaker’s first all-electric pickup truck. Ram didn’t reveal any vehicle specs yet, but says the pickup truck will lead in range, towing, payload, and charge time compared to the competition.

Plenty of competition — While late to the EV party, Ram says it wants to redefine the pickup truck segment with the Ram 1500 Revolution and its “exclusive advanced technology features.” Still, it’s going to have to go up against a growing number electric pickup trucks that are already available or will hit the market soon.

Rivian shipped out its first R1T pickup truck last year, while the pricier Hummer EV pickup saw its first deliveries late last year. On the more affordable scale, Ford started production of its F-150 Lightning, while Chevy recently announced its Silverado EV.

By the time Ram introduces its 1500 Revolution, potential customers will have a lot of competition to compare it to. Ram’s electric pickup truck will have to go against the rumored 400-mile range of the Silverado EV, the 11,000 pounds of towing power from the R1T, and the $40,000 starting price of the F-150 Lightning.

More electric Rams — The Ram 1500 Revolution could be built on one of four of its parent company Stellantis’ EV platforms, the largest of which can provide up to a 500-mile range. If all goes well, Ram could also electrify its other heavy-duty pickup trucks, like the 2500 and the 3500 models.

That lines up well with Stellantis’ plans to electrify its brands including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. The parent company is looking to offer more than 75 battery electric vehicles and reach global sales of more than five million BEVs by 2030.

We’re expecting Ram to bring its 1500 Revolution pickup truck to production in 2024, while its ProMaster van will hit the market next year. Ram’s CEO Mike Koval, Jr. also told The Detroit News that Ram will share a midsize pickup truck concept with dealers in March, which would include an electric version.

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