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Everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront 3

What’s next for one of gaming’s biggest Star Wars franchises?

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2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II is the most controversial Star Wars game of all time, thanks to its problematic approach to microtransactions. A series of updates since the game’s rocky launch fleshed it out into an epic first-person shooter experience that’s a total thrill for Star Wars fans. Rumors about a direct follow-up resurfaced in April 2021, but just how true are they? Here’s everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront III.

Battlefront 2 fills in some canonical gaps in galactic history in bold ways, offers a genuinely interesting single-player campaign, and delivers the power fantasy of devastating hordes of stormtroopers as your favorite Jedi — or even Sith Lord. So if you’re willing to overlook or ignore the approach to loot boxes, it’s definitely worth trying out.

Has EA confirmed Star Wars Battlefront 3 is in development?

Rey squares off against a squad of stormtroopers in Battlefront II.


Thus far, another Battlefront 3 game has yet to be confirmed — but it does seem like a strong possibility.

With the launch of the Lucasfilm Games division in January 2021, that means we’ll get many different games from developers outside the Electronic Arts umbrella. But from within it, Battlefront 3 feels rather likely.

Are there any Star Wars Battlefront 3 leaks?

A January 2021 Reddit post purported as a leak claimed that the Battlefront 3 developers, EA DICE, were working on Battlefield VI first. Supposedly, the next Battlefront was targeting a release date in the last quarter of 2023. The post has since been flagged as false because of a note in it claiming April 20, 2021 would be the date of some kind of announcement.

For what it’s worth, gaming journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb has said that the Battlefront series will continue. But in what capacity? Only time will tell.

Coruscant is one of the most interesting planets in Star Wars lore.

Another leak that emerged in late April 2021 claimed that Battlefront 3 would use Coruscant and Ahsoka Tano for much of the game’s marketing and that Ahsoka would be based on her appearance in The Mandalorian (including Rosario Dawson’s performance). The main crux of this leak, however, was based on the background of a Coruscant map. Within a few days, someone had discovered that the model is available for anyone to download online, essentially proving those rumors to be false.

While some of the leak’s claims about a Star Card system rework or a new loadout system do make a lot of sense, they in retrospect read more like a random fan’s wishlist rather than anything of note.

When might Star Wars Battlefront 3 be released?

Thus far, the best-case scenario for a Star Wars Battlefront 3 release would be late 2023, which is what one leak claimed. Other speculation puts it sometime in late 2022. It all really depends on what sort of progress developer EA DICE makes on Battlefield 6 first.

Is there a Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer?

No, there is no trailer yet, so you might as well reminisce with the original Battlefront 2 reveal trailer:

We might as well consider that this trailer was released on April 15, 2017. Then the full game was released on November 17, 2017. That puts roughly seven months between the reveal.

EA had openly discussed plans for the game since the previous game was released in November 2015. Development was formally announced on May 10, 2016. Progress has been less transparent with the theorized third entry, but that does tell us we’d get a trailer long before the game’s eventual release.

Some kind of teaser either at a May the Fourth celebration or E3 is also possible.

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