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Everything you need to know about Battlefield 6

Battlefield reclaims the field.

Battlefield is back. After a lukewarm reception to Battlefield V, EA has reclaimed their trusty steed with a few modifications to make Battlefield VI. The new first-person shooter has yet to be officially unveiled, but leaks have pained a fairly distinct picture about what the game will be once it's out. Could Battlefield 6 mark EA's most successful attempt at toppling battle royal games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite?

Here's everything we know about Battlefield 6.

When is the Battlefield 6 release date?

According to the EA, Battlefield 6 will be available during holiday 2021 with a proper reveal occurring in spring 2021.

Is there a trailer for Battlefield 6?

No, Battlefield 6 has yet to be officially announced, so there isn't a trailer for the game.

What's Battlefield 6 gameplay like?

We don't yet know what kind of gameplay Battlefield 6 will feature. However, many have suggested that the franchise will be returning to modern combat situations. The previous two games in the franchise(Battlefield V and Battlefield One) were both set in the past.

It's believed that Battlefield 6 will be primarily set in Kazakhstan, a country that you might know as the backdrop for the Borat films. This information comes from two teasers that gamers have discovered.

Allegedly, an easter egg found on a belt buckle in Battlefield V listed coordinates of latitude and longitude when combined in a certain order. These coordinates led to a location in Kazakhstan.

Another supposed easter egg was found in the tech demo teaser for Battlefield 6. A model from the presentation featured a series of numbers on a character's forehead. These numbers were yet again read as coordinates for a location in Kazakhstan, leading to fans believing that the next game will certainly be set there.

Will Battlefield 6 have a battle royale?

Maybe. We don't know for certain based on public information, but EA has described the game as "immersive battles with more players than ever before." Battlefield has always been a franchise with large player counts per match, so if it's surpassing its previous peak, perhaps the franchise is becoming a battle royale?

According to the leaker Tom Henderson, Battlefield 6 will feature up to 128 players per match.

Are there leaks for Battlefield 6?

Yes! If you're looking for leaks about Battlefield 6 you shouldn't worry because the game has them in spades.

According to Henderson, who recently had his Twitter account suspended and was forced to remove all Battlefield 6 related content from his YouTube channel, there are a few things that we can expect from the upcoming game:

  • Battlefield 6 will be a 'soft reboot of the series'
  • Battlefield 6 will be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3.
  • Battlefield 6 may simply be called Battlefield.
  • Battlefield 6 will feature "next-gen" destruction that will take the destruction to the next level.
  • Battlefield 6 might only be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Battlefield 6 will feature 128 player matches.

Given the large player count, and next-gen availability, Battlefield 6 will likely be a battle royale game, competing with the likes of Warzone and Fornite.

Many of the details provided by Henderson appear rather cursory, so they'll likely be confirmed via the game's first trailer, which is expected to launch in spring 2021.

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