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5 game announcements to expect at the Square Enix Presents showcase

Square Enix will host a digital presentation this March. Here’s what to expect.

Square Enix is getting in the digital showcase game. Like Sony’s State of Play or Nintendo’s Direct presentations, Square Enix will host its own livestream next week featuring news on its upcoming and current games. The stream kicks off Thursday, March 18 at 10 p.m. Pacific.

Fortunately, there’s no need to speculate as to what will appear. Square Enix outlined exactly what games it plans on showing in the 40-minute presentation. While Final Fantasy won’t make an appearance, the stream will feature some world premieres worth getting excited about. Here’s all of the biggest news that’s coming in next week’s stream.

Promo image for Square Enix’s upcoming stream.

Square Enix

1. New Life is Strange game

The headliner of the showcase is a new installment of the hit Life is Strange series. Oddly, Square Enix isn’t referring to it as Life is Strange 3 or any kind of sequel yet. A press image for the event simply says “Life is Strange” and a press release simply calls it the “next game” in the series. It could be Life is Strange 3 or a release more akin to Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

All that we do know about it is that it’ll feature new characters. The press release notes that the unannounced game has an “all-new protagonist wielding an exciting new power.”

Lara Croft makes a big jump in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Square Enix

2. Tomb Raider anniversary announcement

The Tomb Raider franchise will make some form of appearance at the show, but Square Enix is keeping it vague. It says that the stream will celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, but doesn’t actually mention that a game will be shown. It seems unlikely that the company would reveal a proper new installment of its flagship franchise here considering how careful the wording is here.

Instead, it’s more likely we see some kind of anniversary collection. It would make perfect sense for Square Enix to bundle together some of the series’ old PlayStation games and give them an HD refresh for Lara Croft’s birthday.

Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers latest DLC.

Square Enix

3. Marvel’s Avengers news

Marvel’s Avengers will appear in some form. Square Enix is remaining tight-lipped about what exactly it has to say, but it’s safe to assume the next chapter of the live service game will be shown.

That means that we could see the game’s next character during the show. We already know that Spider-Man is joining the roster eventually, so that seems like a safe bet. There have also been rumors floating around for a while that Black Panther is coming to the game with a Wakanda DLC. Both of those characters seem to be next in line, so there’s a good chance one finally shows up here.

A location in Lara Croft Go.

Square Enix

4. Square Enix Montréal mobile game

A new mobile game by Square Enix Montréal will get shown on the stream and that’s reason to get excited. The studio has a great track record when it comes to phone games. It’s best known for Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go, which are both excellent puzzle games.

Considering that Tomb Raider is a focus of the stream, it’s possible that Lara Croft Go could get a sequel here. Hitman Go, on the other hand, won’t happen considering that IO Interactive is now an independent studio. There’s also a chance that this could be a new spin on one of Square Enix’s other franchises. Avengers Go, perhaps?

A squad takes out enemies in Outriders.

Square Enix

5. Updates on upcoming games

The stream will also touch on a handful of games that are coming soon. Outriders, Balan Wonderland, and Just Cause Mobile will all appear during the stream. Other than some new trailers and data on Outriders’ current demo, there likely won’t be anything too exciting on this front.

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