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Where to shoot all 5 Bells in Resident Evil Village

“Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.”

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Resident Evil Village doesn’t have the trickiest puzzles. Like previous entries, the game does feature plenty of puzzle box gameplay that has players “solving” the titular village. However, there aren’t a ton of brain-busters in there, which is good news for those who have been stumped by previous installments.

That said, the game does feature one specifically tough puzzle that requires some expert observation. It’s a moment in Lady Dimitrescu’s castle that asks players to ring five bells. Despite being a very small room, these are relatively hidden, making them a pain to hunt down.

If you’re stuck, here are all five bell locations.

Resident Evil Village bell locations

When you enter the room, called the Atelier, walk up to the painting in the center. You’ll find a note on it that says, “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.”

The bell puzzle description in Resident Evil Village.

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The important thing to note here is that all five bells are in this room ... well, sort of. You might be tempted to back out and look in some other locations, but you’re able to ring each one from the same place. But there are some real sneaky ones here.

When you find a bell, all you need to do is shoot it. That’ll activate a flame on top of it, indicating that you’ve successfully rung it. Light up all five and you’re home free. Now that you’re armed with that information, here’s where to find each bell.

Bell #1

The first bell in Resident Evil Village.

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Let’s start with the most obvious one. When you walk into the room, look straight ahead of you. You’ll see a bell sitting on a table next to a bust of a man’s head. Shoot it. You can also hit it with a knife here if you want to conserve one precious bullet.

Bell #2

The second bell in Resident Evil Village.

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From there, look just up and to your right. You’ll see an opening in the wall with some gears moving about. Watch long enough and you’ll notice a bell swinging back and forth as part of the mechanism. You’ll have to shoot it while it’s moving, making this one a bit of a trick shot. I just hope your aim is good.

Bell #3

The third bell in Resident Evil Village.

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Before we get into the real head-scratchers, here’s one more obvious bell. Turn around and look at the big cabinet against the wall. You’ll see an itty-bitty bell sitting on top of it. Shoot it and you’ve found all three bells in the main section of the room.

Bell #4

The fourth bell in Resident Evil Village.

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For the next two, you’ll need to walk up the little staircase at the back of the room. One of the bells is actually hidden on the chandelier. It’s not immediately visible, making this the hardest one to find. Shoot the chandelier and it’ll swing a little, revealing the bell. Shoot it and you’re almost done.

Bell #5

The fifth bell in Resident Evil Village.

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The last bell is a cheeky one. Technically, it’s not in the room at all. From the top of the stairs, look out the window on the other side of the room. You’ll notice a bell tower in the distance. Clever. Shoot that, and the puzzle is done.

Once you’ve rung all five bells, a secret room will open up. Now, you can continue making your merry way through the castle as an army of vampire women try to murder you in cold blood. Fun!

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