Tall Vampire Lady

Lady Dimitrescu: Why the internet loves the Tall Vampire Lady

When Capcom debuted its Resident Evil Village demo, Maiden, fans immediately latched onto its villain, who they dubbed Tall Vampire Lady.

Capcom proved it knew what it was doing by unleashing the goth giant (named Lady Dimitrescu) on the world when it revealed she's 9'6" tall.

That means Lady D is taller than Game of Thrones' The Mountain, at 6'9".
She towers over the 6'1" Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.
Even the famously tall (but decidedly less hot) Snoke from Star Wars only comes to 7'.
The pop culture character who comes closest is the MCU's Thanos, at 8'3".
Lady Dimitrescu's best real match may be Robert Wadlow, who at 8'11" was the tallest actual person in recorded history.

The only figure Lady D might have a hard time stepping on is a short-lived meme sensation, the 12' Home Depot Skeleton.

With Lady D obsession in full swing, other developers have chimed in with their own comparisons.

Ubisoft found its relatively puny Assassin's Creed characters came up short next to Lady D.

Xbox clowned on its new behemoth of a console, which doesn't hold a candle to Lady Dimitrescu.

So why is the internet obsessed with this tall, powerful goth woman in a form-fitting dress? Well…

There’s certainly some joy in subverting the “damsel in distress” trope that’s still all too common in video games.

And who doesn’t like getting swept up in a harmless Twitter fad, like when the gender-swapped Bowser, Bowsette, took social media by storm?


But like Bowsette and Hades’ whip-toting mean GF Magaera, the love for Lady D is tied to her kinky appeal as a dominant — and, yes, very tall — woman.

The Maiden demo ends with Lady D lifting up the main character before killing them, underlining the “step on me” energy that’s made her a figure of both fear and erotic fascination.

There's no single reason why Lady Dimitrescu took off, but as a powerful female figure in a medium lacking them and an excuse to be performatively horny on main, it's no surprise she did.

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