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How to win a location with one card in Marvel Snap

Make this mission a cakewalk.

Marvel Snap
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As part of the Marvel Snap Warriors of Wakanda season, one particular challenge is causing players a lot of trouble. Found in the Chapter 3 portion of the seasonal missions list, this challenge requires you to win a Location with only one card 15 times. This is a difficult task if you don’t have the right build, and even with the best cards, things can still go south. Thankfully, there are plenty of card combos you can use to make this mission go more smoothly — and even a cheese method. Here’s how to win a Location with one card in Marvel Snap.

Hobgoblin strategy

On Reveal: Your opponent gains control of this.


One of the most straightforward methods to win a Location with one card is to utilize Hobgoblin. On reveal, your opponent gains control of this -8 Power card. You can almost guarantee your opponent will give up trying to win that Location, so place your strongest card there to ensure you win the lane.

Buff strategy

You can also use a strategy to buff one card, while also buffing the Location. For this, you’ll need the following cards:

  • Forge
  • Mister Fantastic
  • Hulk Buster
  • Moon Girl
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Klaw

You likely won’t be able to play all of these cards in one game, but at least having some of them will help. The ones that you should prioritize playing are Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl. Essentially, with this build, you’ll want to use Devil Dinosaur (+2 Power for each card in your hand) and Moon Girl (duplicates your hand) to gain a tremendous amount of power.

If possible, use Hulk Buster (merge this card with a random friendly card at this Location) and Mister Fantastic (adjacent Locations have +2 Power) to give you even more Power. You can also use Klaw (the location to the right has +6 Power) to buff Devil Dinosaur’s location as well.

The Infinaut strategy

If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this.


We go into more detail in our Infinaut deck guide, but the main idea here is to simply play this card. Since The Infinaut has 20 Power, it will likely be enough to win that particular lane (with only this card). You should work on winning a lane as quickly as possible before turn 5, by using Storm and Sunspot. Then, skip turn 5 (Sunspot will gain 5 Power), and play The Infinaut in another lane. Easy peasy.

The cheese strategy

The easiest way to complete this mission is to simply back out while you’re winning a location with only one card. Yep, it’s that simple. You’ll lose the game, but your progress toward this particular Mission will track, and you’ll earn credit for it. If you aim to use this strategy, it’s best to utilize low cost, high Power cards such as Ebony Maw or even Lizard. Then retreat when you’re winning a location with one card.

Marvel Snap is available for iOS, Android, and PC now.

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