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Use big brain strategy to win with this Marvel Snap Leader deck

The old switcheroo.

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Choice and variety are what make Marvel Snap so fun, and one Pool 3 card has climbed to the top of the meta. The card in question is Leader, which copies all cards your opponent played on the current turn, but on your side. This can turn the tides of a match, giving you the win, even if you’re behind. To help improve your odds, there’s a recommended deck built with Leader in mind, bolstering your Power while shutting down your opponent and leaving room on your side of the board to accommodate a variety of end-match plays. But how does this deck work and which cards should you use alongside Leader? This is the best Leader deck and how to use it in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Leader deck card list

On Reveal: Copy all cards your opponent played this turn, but on your side.


Having Leader in your deck isn’t enough. You’ll want to play cards that work well alongside it, giving you a better chance of winning more matches.

These are the recommended cards:

  • Sunspot: 1 Energy, 1 Power
  • Scorpion: 2 Energy, 2 Power
  • Armor: 2 Energy, 3 Power
  • Lizard: 2 Energy, 2 Power
  • Thor: 3 Energy, 4 Power
  • Maximus: 3 Energy, 7 Power
  • Shang Chi: 4 Energy, 3 Power
  • White Queen: 4 Energy, 6 Power
  • Leech: 5 Energy, 3 Power
  • Aero: 5 Energy, 8 Power
  • Leader: 6 Energy, 4 Power
  • Magneto: 6 Energy, 12 Power

While some of these cards can be replaced, your general goal is to put down plenty of Power before turn 5. Cards such as Maximus, Aero, and Magneto can be replaced with others like Okoye, Silver Surfer, Cerebro, and Devil Dinosaur. You can also throw in America Chavez to increase your chances of drawing the cards you want, or take some early-match risks like Ebony Maw.

How to use the Marvel Snap Leader deck

Playing Leader on the final turn will no doubt throw your enemy off.


Your goal with this deck is to use Leech in conjunction with Leader to pull off an explosive final turn. Leech (On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all cards in your opponent’s hand) is excellent on turn 5, which will shut down anything they do on the final turn.

If you don’t draw Leech, Aero (On Reveal: Move all enemy cards played this turn to this location) can still give you a boost on turn 6, as it causes a disruption to your opponent’s plans.

As you make your way to the end of a match, be sure to use high-Power cards like Lizard (Ongoing: -3 Power if your opponent has 4 cards here), Maximus (On Reveal: Your opponent draws 2 cards), and Thor (On Reveal: Shuffle Mjolnir into your deck) to gain the upper hand early.

Another great strategy is to utilize Sunspot (At the end of each turn, gain +1 Power for each unspent Energy) with Armor (Ongoing: Cards at this location can’t be Destroyed) to negate anyone using Killmonger, which Destroys all 1-Cost cards or even a pocket Elektra.

It’s also smart to come with Scorpion (On Reveal: Afflict cards in your opponent’s hand with -1 Power) to nerf your opponent’s Power early on. This deck works great with White Queen (On Reveal: Draw a copy of the highest Cost card in your opponent’s hand) to get a glimpse at your foe’s plans. Make sure to throw down your Shang Chi (On Reveal: Destroy all enemy cards at this location that have 9 or more Power) on turn 4 if your enemy plays a high-Power card, too.

Then, on turn 5, lay down your Leech to negate your enemy’s abilities, and then use your Leader to copy whatever they play on the final turn. With this in mind, it’s important to leave yourself enough space to actually add copies of whatever your opponent plays (it does no good to use Leader if you have no room on your side for more cards).

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