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How to get all multipliers and secret items in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Maximize your stud intake with modifiers.

Lego Star Wars studs x10
Warner Bros.

Utilizing cheats and modifiers in the Lego games isn’t essential, but it certainly makes things interesting and can be a fun way to mix things up. Modifiers are back in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, but they require some effort to actually unlock. One of the most valuable types of modifiers are the stud multipliers, which boost the number of studs you collect as you play. You can even gain upwards of x10 studs with the use of these modifiers, and here, we’ll show you exactly how to unlock and utilize them, along with all the other modifiers in the game.

How to get the Lego Star Wars studs x10 cheat

To acquire the x10 modifier—and any other modifier, for that matter—you need to collect datacards and studs. Datacards are collectibles hidden throughout many of the game’s levels. There are 19 in total and we have a dedicated datacard guide with each of their locations so you can find them easily.

Collect datacards to earn in-game modifiers like stud multipliers.

Warner Bros.

In addition to a datacard, each modifier requires a certain number of studs to unlock. Head to the game’s Extras menu and you’ll find the Datacards submenu featuring all 20 modifiers. All of the modifiers require studs and one datacard to unlock, with the exception of the Mumble Mode, which can be downloaded from the digital store for free.

Below are the requirements to unlock each modifier.

  • Studs x2: 1,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Studs x4: 2,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Studs x6: 8,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Studs x8: 48,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Studs x10: 384,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Super GNK Droid: 1,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Porg Companion: 500,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Baguette Lightsabers: 250,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Galaxy Rave: 500,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Television Mode: 250,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Hologram Mode: 500,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Retro Mode: 250,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • GNK Civilians: 1,000,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Mumble Mode: Download for free
  • Comedy Weapons: 250,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Rainbow Effects: 250,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Cantina Music: 250,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Big Head Mode: 500,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Pew Pew: 500,000 studs + 1 datacard
  • Universal Translator: 500,000 studs + 1 datacards

For the x10 stud multiplier modifier, you need a whopping 384,000,000 studs. The best way to do so is to continuously farm studs while utilizing a stud multiplier. For example, farm 1,000,000 studs, then use that to buy the x2 multiplier. Then farm some more to get the x4 multiplier, and so on. Make sure you have the highest multiplier activated to maximize the number of studs you’ll obtain.

Lego Star Wars stud farming location

If you simply play through the game with high stud multipliers active, you’ll likely rack up a ton of studs by the time you reach the end. However, playing the A Skip and a Jump level from Rise of Skywalker is a fantastic way to farm for studs. This stage requires you to fly around in a ship and if you continuously shoot the pipes, you’ll rack up a ridiculous number of studs fast—even more so if you have stud multipliers active.

The video from Lunar Squadron above shows a detailed breakdown of the farming method, so be sure to use the same method to earn lots of studs quickly. Keep repeating this level over and over again and you’ll have 340,000,000 studs in no time.

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