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How to get all 19 datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

No need to search aimlessly.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga datacards
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One of the many collectibles you’ll want to get your hands on in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga are datacards, which are hidden across stages in set locations. These collectibles are a form of currency that can be spent to acquire various enhancements for characters, including lightsabers, stud modifiers, and even a big head mode. In total, there are 19 different datacards, and all of them are marked on the map, though, finding them can still be tricky. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all 19 in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, with the steps needed to reach them.

Lego Star Wars datacard locations

Bespin — Cloud City

You’ll find this one in the Center Plaza area of the level. Use a Breaker Blaster to destroy a wall across a gap and then grapple over to acquire it.

Cantonica — Canto Bight

Grapple up to a building in the Old Town section of Canto Bright, where you’ll see several other grapple points. Continue using them and then drop down onto the balcony to find the next datacard.

Coruscant — Federal District

You’ll need two characters to get to this datacard.

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The next datacard is on the northwestern side of the Senate View portion of the Federal District. Drop down onto the platform and follow the narrow walkway around where you’ll need to utilize two characters to interact with the switches that lead to the prize.

Coruscant — Uscru District

In the Coco Thoroughfare area of Uscru District, you’ll find this datacard on a floating building on the southern side. Approach the building, hop the fence, jump the gap, and you’ll see it once you wrap around the path.

Crait — Outpost

This datacard is in the Landing Pad section of the Outpost. Head to the left side of this area, climb the ladders, and then grapple to the platforms ahead.

Dagobah — Dragonsnake Bog

On the southeastern side of the area, you’ll find the datacard on a tree branch. Use your grapple to reach it.

Endor — Ewok Village

Shoot the vines and the target to reveal this datacard.

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Follow the path down to the lower sector of the tree with spiral stairs and you’ll need to shoot vines to reveal the path. Then, shoot the switch to find the datacard.

Exegol — Sith Citadel

Take the elevator down from the Landing Pad area and then take a left, up the stairs and you’ll eventually come to a rope you can climb, which leads to the next datacard.

Geonosis — Stalgasin Hive

In the Canyons area of Stalgasin Hive, you’ll find a series of grappling points that lead to the datacard. Grapple up, follow the path, drop down, then climb up the rocks, and you’ll come to the floating disc in a small nook.

Hoth — Eco Base

This datacard is found in the hangar area on the ceiling. To reach it, you’ll need to grapple up from the corner to make your way to the platforms.

Jakku — Niima Outpost

Look for a large ship engine sticking out of the sand in Niima Outpost and grapple down to collect the next datacard.

Kashyyk — Kachirho

Make your way up the large tree, take a left to get to an outdoor area, head left, and you’ll see the datacard.

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Head to the Tree Vikkilynn on the northeastern side of Kachirho and climb up until you come to an outdoor area. From here, you’ll need to jump to a platform on your left.

Kef Bir — Crash Site

Take the path in the center, then head west, and you’ll find the datacard behind a hut.

Mustafar — Mining Complex

On the north side of Klegger Corp, you’ll find a set of stairs. Grapple up to the area next to the large pipe close to the rock wall, which leads to the datacard.

Takodana — Maz’s Castle

Follow the path to the west side of the area and you’ll come to a spot where you can grapple up to a tower. Grapple up, interact with a switch, and the datacard will appear in a chest.

Tatooine — Jundland Wastes

You’ll need to use your Force powers to place poles to swing from to reach this datacard.

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Climb the mountain right next to Old Ben Kenobi’s House, and then continue along, utilizing Force powers to place swinging points on the rock walls. Keep following the path, jumping across platforms, and utilizing poles to swing across, and you’ll come to the datacard.

Tatooine — Mos Eisley

In the Civilian Quarters section of the level, you’ll see the datacard on top of a large building with three awnings. You need to use Force powers to move several blocks in place and use them to reach the side of the building.

Tatooine — Mos Espa

Make your way to the Slave Quarters section at the top of the level. You’ll find the datacard behind some buildings on the north side.

Yarvin 4 — Great Temple

The final one is in the Temple Hangar area. Head inside, grapple up to the platform, and you’ll see the datacard at the top.

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