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Every Outcome of Kafka’s Truth or Lie Game in Honkai: Star Rail

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Honkai: Star Rail Kafka close up

Kafka has been one the most anticipated characters in Honkai: Star Rail since the game first launched in April, and with the second phase of version 1.2 she is finally available for players. The latest update also gives the Stellaron Hunter her own companion mission, “Letter from a Strange Woman”.

Kafka’s playful manner abounds during the mission, including a truth or lie game that has the potential to reveal a wealth of new information about Honkai: Star Rail’s lore. Here is how to play Kafka’s truth or lie game, and every answer she can give.

How Does Kafka’s Truth or Lie Game Work in Honkai: Star Rail?

In between combat encounters during “Letter from a Strange Woman” Kafka suggests you play a game of truth or lie. You will ask a question to which she will either respond truthfully or lie, then you will ask another question and she will do the opposite of how she responded to the first question. So, with every two questions asked there is guaranteed to be a truth and a lie. The companion mission only lets you ask two questions, though there are plenty of options to choose from.

Kafka promises to play fair and not just lie out of her teeth, but how can you tell when she is lying or being truthful? There is a control question that you can ask (One plus one equals two, right?) that can help determine her response to your other question, but that also wastes one question. Lore tidbits from the rest of the game can give you a good idea of whether she is being honest or not. Many players also have experienced that Kafka will be truthful on the first question if you are also truthful in response to her first question, and lie if you lie in response to her first question.

All Questions and Answers to Kafka’s Truth or Lie Game in Honkai: Star Rail

Ask about myself

Question: Who am I?

  • Truth: You are an artificial body created for the purpose of hosting a Stellaron. From the moment of your birth, it was your destiny to receive the Stellaron at Herta Space Station. Before that task was completed, I was responsible for protecting you, as well as teaching you general knowledge, common sense, and combat skills. The reason why you don’t remember is that I wiped your memory before the operation at Herta Space Station.
  • Lie: You? At first, you were a being accidentally created by an Aeon, with a body but no soul. Elio guided me to you, and you were given a soul. That’s nothing to say about your past. You only remember me because I was the one with you when your soul was born.

Kafka won’t make it easy for you to learn valuable information.


Question: How am I able to host a Stellaron?

  • Truth: Because you are created for that purpose – your body has been transformed by the power of an Aeon. You are immune to Stellaron contamination. Therefore, you could say that you are a one-of-a-kind Stellaron vessel.
  • Lie: The Stellaron in question was modified. After seizing it, Herta conducted a lot of research – it’s the only Stellaron in the universe that doesn’t contaminate humans. As soon as Herta got bored, she forgot about the whole thing, but all her research was recorded in Screwllum’s database. Silver Wolf retrieved it when she hacked into Planet Screwllum…and so Elio saw a new future possibility.

Question: What is my connection to you?

  • Truth: One day, Elio handed you over to me. He said that if things continued to transpire according to the future possibility he foresaw, you would eventually change me, and I would change you. In other words, you and I are each other’s destiny.
  • Lie: Genetically speaking, you are my child. A quarter of the data that makes up your body comes from me. Of course, neither Silver Wolf, Bladie, nor Sam are well-suited for looking after a child…so the burden of mentoring you fell on me. It was a stressful job, and I dumped you on the train as soon as I got the chance.

Ask about Blade

Question: Who is Blade?

  • Truth: I don’t know. Bladie didn’t tell me – he said he doesn’t know either. When he woke up, he didn’t remember anything. Sometime later, a woman found him. She taught him swordplay, and then kîlled him, over and over again, until it was too much for him to bear. Elio ordered Sam and me to find Bladie and return with him. According to Elio, Bladie’s swordplay and immortality have important uses. That’s all I know.
  • Lie: He’s a long-life species, apparently he was Sword Champion of the Xianzhou at some point. The Ten-Lords Commission planned to execute him, but he managed to escape from the Shackling Prison. He was severely injured – he forgot nearly everything. Elio ordered Sam and me to find Bladie and return with him. According to Elio, Bladie’s swordplay and immortality have important uses. That’s all I know.

Question: What is the connection between Blade and Dan Heng?

  • Truth: Apparently, they used to be good friends… Well, good friends who were bad for each other. Bladie forgot nearly everything, so he doesn’t remember it well. Together, they did something bad – something terrible. It led to horrific consequences. That’s the information I managed to piece together. Bladie refused to tell me the details.
  • Lie: Master and disciple. Bladie said that in Dan Heng’s previous life, Dan Heng was his apprentice. A long time ago, several of Blade’s apprentices joined forces to kîll him. After his revival, Bladie had forgotten nearly everything, but he remembered the night his apprentices kîlled him. He’s been searching the whole universe for those who took his life…to make them pay in blood.

Choose your questions carefully, you only get two.


Ask about Kafka

Question: Who are you?

  • Truth: The old me? I used to be a Devil Hunter. I grew up on a planet contaminated by a Stellaron: Pteruges-V – “New Babylon.” Humans there don’t know what fear is – the concept itself simply doesn’t exist. When people don’t feel fear they are dominated by desire and pleasure – they become “devils.” When Elio found me, I was in the middle of a mission… and the conditions he offered me caught my interest.
  • Lie: The old me? I used to be a Knight of Beauty. We worshipped Idrila, the Aeon of Beauty. We vowed to guard their beauty with the sword, but one day they suddenly disappeared. I lost my faith and was recruited by Elio… that’s how I joined the Stellaron Hunters.

Question: Why did you join the Stellaron Hunters?

  • Truth: Because I wanted to change myself. I have no mechanism for “fear”. There is an empty space in my mind and my heart, but I am unable to perceive it. Changing that part of myself isn’t something I can do alone. Elio can help me, if I follow his instructions.
  • Lie: Because I have the future that I want. As I told you, Elio is able to glimpse through possibilities. As long as I follow the instructions, he promised to tell me what it would take to move towards the future I wanted.

Venture into a whole new topic

Question: Is destiny predetermined?

  • Truth: No.
  • Lie: Yes.

Question: One plus one equals two, right?

  • Truth: Correct.
  • Lie: Wrong.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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