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This Killer Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Build Lets Her Dominate Combat

Long time no see, Astral Express crew.

Kafka official art Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail players have been waiting months for Stellaron Hunter Kafka to become a playable character. With the second phase of version 1.2 now officially released globally, that dream is now a reality, and she is one of the game’s strongest characters.

Whether you want Kafka for her incredible damage-dealing potential, or you just want to have Honkai: Star Rail’s dommy mommy, pulling on her banner is worth it. If luck does smile upon you and you get Kafka, follow our build guide to maximize her utility on your team.

How to Build Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

Kafka is first and foremost about dealing damage. Her toolset makes her one of the best DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail at the moment. When building Kafka, you need to focus on increasing her Damage over Time (DoT).

In addition to having potential as a straight-up damage dealer with good CRIT DMG stats, she has the potential to lay down helpful debuffs on enemies. When it comes to team composition, it is smart to pair Kafka’s DoT attacks with Serval’s Lightning AoE attacks.

Best Light Cones for Kafka

As a five-star character, Kafka has a Signature Light Cone available on the Brilliant Fixation limited banner. “Patience Is All You Need” has the benefit of increasing both Kafka’s DMG as well as her SPD. Another great five-star alternative is Welt’s “In the Name of the World” Light Cone.

Though if you haven’t had enough luck to gather these five-star Light Cones then “Good Night and Sleep Well”, “Before the Tutorial Mission”, and “We Will Meet Again” are both great four-star alternatives that complement Kafka’s DoT skills.

5-Star Light Cones

  • Patience Is All You Need — Increases DMG dealt by the wearer by 40%. After every attack initiated by the wearer, the wearer’s SPD increases by 8% up to 3 stack(s), with a 100% base chance of causing the attacked enemy to take 100% additional DoT DMG for 1 turn.
  • In the Name of the World —Increases the wearer’s DMG to debuffed enemies by 40%. When the wearer uses their Skill, the Effect Hit Rate for this attack increases by 40%, and ATK increases by 40%.

If you have the Special Star Rail Passes, getting Kafka’s signature Light Cone is worth it.


4-Star Light Cones

  • Good Night and Sleep Well — For every debuff the target enemy has, the DMG dealt by the wearer increases by 12%, stacking up to 3 times. This effect also applies to DoT.
  • Before the Tutorial Mission — Increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 40%. When the wearer attacks DEF-reduced enemies, regenerates 8 Energy.
  • We Will Meet Again — After the wearer uses Basic ATK or Skill, the wearer deals 80% of ATK as additional DMG to a random enemy that is attacked by abilities.

Best Relics for Kafka

When it comes to Relics for Kafka, the best options boost her ATK and DMG stats in order to give her DoT effects a more powerful punch that can knock down enemies much faster. Ideally, you want to equip the full four-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder Relic set on Kafka. It will increase her Lightning DMG by 10% and increases her ATK by 20% for one turn whenever Kafka uses her skill, which will be often.

Alternatively, you can opt for a two-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder set and pair it with a two-piece Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set. This will increase Kafka’s Effect Hit Rate by 10% in addition to increasing her ATK by an amount that is equal to 25% of her Effect Hit Rate.

Focus on increasing Kafka’s SPD and DMG in order to take advantage of her DoT toolset.


Best Ornaments for Kafka

As for Ornaments, there is one ideal option to equip on Kafka — Space Sealing Station. This Ornament set increases the wearer’s ATK by 12% and increases by an extra 12% when the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher.

By equipping the Space Sealing Station set you greatly increase Kafka's ATK which leads to higher DoT. It also gives Kafka the highest DPS increase out of all other Ornaments.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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