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4 essential home upgrades to unlock in Harvestella ASAP

Home improvement.

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Square Enix’s entry into the farming sim genre, Harvestella, puts a unique RPG spin on things. Between balancing combat dungeons and the chores of managing a farm, there is a lot to do in the early hours. One path open to players is upgrading and unlocking new abilities in your house, but with money so tight at first, it can be challenging to decide what is worth the investment. Here are the best things to unlock ASAP in Harvestella.

4. How to upgrade your backpack

As you travel the world of Harvestella, both on the farm and off, you will collect a lot of miscellaneous objects. In dungeons, chests and felled monsters are a treasure trove of items and as you continue growing crops you will constantly be harvesting. With so much going on your small starting inventory size will fill up quickly. To make sure you aren’t leaving important or valuable items behind you should make it a priority to purchase the first available backpack upgrade.

The starting inventory size gets cramped quickly.

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Available in the Lethe Village General Store, which unlocks after the prologue, the first upgrade to the backpack inventory costs 500 Grilla. In the early hours of Harvestella this can be a pretty penny for the player, but sell some crops or collected items and you should be able to purchase the upgrade quickly. This increases your inventory from 16 to 24. There is a second upgrade available but it costs a hefty 10,000 Grilla so maybe hold off till you get a steady income.

3. Get the kitchen up and running

Akin to other farming sims like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, the main base of operations in Harvestella will be your own house. The house starts off fairly empty but is upgradeable. One of the first available things that you can add to your home is the inclusion of a working kitchen.

Get cooking if you want to have the upper hand in dungeons.

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The kitchen counter upgrade costs 2,000 Grilla and is purchasable at the Renovator in Lethe Village. Once purchased it will take one day for the kitchen counter to be available.

Cooking is one of many side activities you can do in Harvestella but it has the benefit of giving you food items that will boost your health and stamina. Buying food can be very expensive whereas cooking meals yourself is cheaper and provides better items than what you can buy. It doesn’t hurt that all the food is mouth-wateringly gorgeous as well.

2. Pick up crafting

The other important skill that must be unlocked through your home is crafting. Crafting is incredibly important in Harvestella, as it allows you to create repair kits, return bells, and bombs. All of these items are integral to navigating dungeons and making traversal easier. But crafting isn’t automatically available to the player.

Essential dungeon items are locked behind crafting.

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Although the crafting table in your home does unlock through the progression of the story you cannot actually use it until you make a hammer. The recipe requires 10 Hard Stone, which you can easily find by exploring the Njord Steppe. Once you have the required materials you can build a hammer and then begin collecting and crafting other useful recipes.

1. Make your farm bigger and better

Everything in Harvestella will cost you money, and while you can earn some cash by exploring dungeons and completing side-quests the real money-maker is farming. Harvesting crops and shipping them every evening will net you far more Grilla than you could get by doing anything else in the game. But at the start, your available plot of land is a small area that can’t hold much.

Farming is the real money-maker in Harvestella.

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In order to get more space to plant crops you need to go to the Renovator and shell out 3,000 Grilla. This will effectively double your available farming space, letting you maximize your crop harvest and make a lot more money. While 3,000 is a big investment, it easily pays for itself in a matter of days.

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