Everything you need to know about the chaotic Halo Infinite Fiesta mode

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The first Halo Infinite limited-time event is Fracture: Tenrai, and it comes with the return of a classic playlist. This new event features a free Samurai-themed battle pass, with a slew of cosmetics to unlock, along with the inclusion of Fiesta, a playlist that aims to mix things up over the next week. But what exactly is the Fiesta playlist and how does it tie to the Fracture: Tenrai event? How do you unlock the challenges tied to the event and what are some strategies for dominating the Fiesta playlist? Here, we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Fiesta playlist.

What are Halo Infinite Fiesta matches?

The Fiesta playlist is at the top of the list from within the Multiplayer menu.


Fiesta is a new limited-time mode added to Halo Infinite as part of the Fracture: Tenrai event. This event is inspired by feudal Japan. Various challenges reward experience that levels up an event-specific battle pass eventually leading to special Samurai armor and other themed cosmetics.

As for Fiesta itself, it’s a special playlist comprised of nothing but the Slayer mode, featuring 4v4 matches on mid-sized maps. The twist is that all players spawn in with two random weapons and gear, adding a bit of luck and chaos to each match. Sometimes, you’ll get two of your favorites, while other times, you’ll be equipped with two clunkers. You can still scavenge from dead bodies, so it’s not all terrible.

Halo Infinite doesn’t normally feature a dedicated Slayer playlist, so Fiesta is a welcome inclusion, even if it’s just temporary.

When are the Halo Infinite Fiesta dates?

The first week of the Fracture: Tenrai event is set end on November 30, giving players a week to enjoy the Fiesta playlist. However, Fracture: Tenrai will make a return throughout the duration of Season 1. It will come back on January 4, 2022, and then again on February 1, 2022, so you’ll have multiple chances to enjoy the Samurai-themed event. It’s unclear if Fiesta will be the active game mode for the event during those weeks, but it’s certainly possible

What’s the relationship between Halo Infinite Fiesta and Fractured: Tenrai?

The Fractured: Tenrai battle pass is free and features 30 tiers of unlockables.


Fiesta is a playlist that coincides with the limited-time Fractured: Tenrai event in Halo Infinite. There are new weekly event challenges that tie to the 30-tier Fractured: Tenrai battle pass. Much like the main battle pass, you need to complete challenges to earn XP and unlock the Tenrai cosmetic rewards.

However, the Tenrai pass is free for all players, unlike the premium battle pass. The catch is that you cannot complete all 30 tiers within one week. Instead, the game features a limited number of challenges throughout each event, meaning you must check in every time it’s available throughout the season to reach tier 30.

List of Halo Infinite Fiesta challenges

In order to level up the Fractured: Tenrai pass, you need to complete Fiesta-related challenges. Below are at least some of the challenges that appear:

  • Earn assists in Fiesta PvP
  • Stop an enemy killing spree in Fiesta PvP
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot in Fiesta PvP
  • Complete Fiesta PvP matches
  • Kill enemy Spartans in Fiesta PvP
  • Earn double kills in Fiesta
  • Earn a killing spree in Fiesta PvP

How to get Halo Infinite Fiesta challenges

Fiesta challenges appear randomly within your list and are indicated by red and orange banners.


There are a limited number of Fiesta challenges as indicated by a red and orange banner. These challenges appear within your weekly list randomly, and you only get seven of them throughout the week. Once you’ve completed seven of them, you’ll be capped out for the week, meaning you’ll have to wait until the next time the event appears.

You do have a chance of adding a Fiesta challenge to your list by using a Challenge Swap, but whether or not one appears is random.

Basic Halo Infinite Fiesta strategies

Fiesta consists of 4v4 Slayer matches in which you spawn in with random weapons.


The Fiesta mode itself is a twist on Slayer, so your job is to stay alive while racking up as many kills as possible. To make the most out of Fiesta, follow these tips:

Familiarize yourself with every weapon

Although Halo has been around for 20 years, Infinite has likely drawn in many newcomers, so the player-base is likely unfamiliar with many of the game’s mechanics and features. One thing you should absolutely be aware of is how each weapon functions. This will set you up for success so you don’t put yourself in a bad situation. If you don’t know some of the weapons, then Fiesta is the best baptism by fire you could ever hope for.

Know your way around the maps

Likewise, knowing the layout of the Fiesta maps goes a long way towards ensuring victory. Outsmart your opponents by maneuvering in and out of cover; It can be the difference between winning or losing a gunfight.

Swap to other weapons or gear

Since Fiesta features random weapon spawns, you’ll often get a loadout that isn’t suited to your playstyle. Or maybe you have decent weapons but you’ve run out of ammo. Or maybe you’ve got a great piece of tactical equipment but no weapons that complement it. (Pro tip: Use the Grappleshot with the Energy Sword or shotgun!) Either way, make sure you pick up weapons from your opponents, which can extend the longevity of your current life and lead you to victory.

Take it slow

Finally, there’s no need to run directly into your opponents if you aren’t prepared or confident in your skills. Instead, take things slowly and stick by your teammates while being deliberate with your decisions. Pro players can get away with constantly moving around the map, but if you’re new, it’s best to be cautious and let your foes come to you.

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