Everything you need to know about Halo Infinite's Fracture: Tenrai event

Spartans go full-blown Samurai in the next event.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer is already a huge success, and that means Spartans are eager to learn more about the game’s first post-launch event. Fracture: Tenrai brings some Samurai-infused flavor to the world of Halo in a way that evokes Destiny’s Iron Banner. Here’s everything we know about the event’s start time, Yoroi armor, and details regarding its event-specific battle pass.

What is the Halo Infinite Tenrai event start date and time?

Halo’s developers at 343 Industries have announced that the game’s current 20th Anniversary event will wrap up on November 22, leading players to assume the Fracture: Tenrai event will start sometime on November 23.

Here’s an official sneak peek of the Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass, which starts November 23.


The start time for the Tenrai event was announced via the official Halo Twitter account Monday night. It will start at 1 p.m. Eastern on November 23 as originally predicted in an earlier version of this article. It runs until November 30 at 1 p.m.

What does the Halo Infinite Samurai armor look like?

On the morning of November 19, the official Halo account tweeted two images related to the Tenrai event, including a sneak peek at the event-themed battle pass. It features 30 tiers of rewards tied to event challenges similar to the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass.

Seen below, the rewards include a few different weapon skins as well as a multitude of adornments for your Spartan armor including some shoulder pads, a mask attachment, and more. It seems that, by the end of the event, consistent players will unlock a full set of armor and some sweet firearm designs.

Here’s a leaked look at all 30 tiers of the Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass.

What’s included in the Halo Infinite Tenrai event Battle Pass?

Here’s a full list of Fracture: Tenrai rewards courtesy of leaks from @_FireMonkey on Twitter.

  1. Nameplate background
  2. Challenge Swap
  3. XP Grant
  4. Kanji emblem
  5. Armor core
  6. Challenge Swap
  7. XP Grant
  8. XP Grant
  9. Kanji Vehicle Emblem
  10. Left Shoulder
  11. Challenge Swap
  12. XP Grant
  13. XP Grant
  14. Kanji Armor Emblem
  15. Right Shoulder
  16. Challenge Swap
  17. XP Grant
  18. XP Grant
  19. Kanki Weapon Emblem
  20. MA40 AR Weapon Coating
  21. Challenge Swap
  22. XP Grant
  23. XP Grant
  24. MK50 Sidekick weapon coating
  25. Helmet
  26. Challenge Swap
  27. XP Grant
  28. BR75 Battle Rifle Weapon Coating
  29. Face Mask Helmet Attachment
  30. Katana belt Hip Attachment

Based on what we’ve seen, players will start by getting the base Yoroi armor core early on in the pass and it can be augmented with additional unlocks later on. There will also be a paid set of Yoroi cosmetics too, which will no doubt look the coolest of all the options.

How to get the Halo Infinite Tenrai Samurai armor

The only way to get the Tenrai armor will be to complete the event challenges listed in the Fracture: Tenrai battle pass. They’re marked via a red banner on your challenge screen. The challenges center around the Tenrai - Fiesta playlist. In this LTM players spawn with random weapons on a suite of arena maps including Aquarius, Recharge, Streets, and Behemoth. The event challenges will not influence any other challenges you’re striving to complete, although weekly Ultimate Rewards may adopt the theme of the latest Fracture.

While the event proper only lasts until around November 30, you’ll have plenty of time throughout Season 1 to unlock the full 30 tiers. 343 explained how event cosmetics work in a blog post published months before launch.

“This event will be available for all players approximately one week per month during Season One, and the event will come and go throughout the season; available for players to make progress,” the post reads. “Each time the Fracture returns, your progress will carry over.”

In other words, Fracture events will seemingly function similarly to Iron Banner in Destiny, which returns at defined intervals throughout a given season. There will be a time limit for how long players have to complete the Tenrai battle pass, but it won’t be an aggressively tight one. After all, Halo Infinite Season 1 is anticipated to last until at least May 2, 2022. As such, there will likely be many times in which Fracture progression will be unlocked.

The event and unlock processes were detailed further in a blog post published November 23. The Fracture event will reappear a total of six times throughout Season 1, although the exact dates have not yet been disclosed.

What are the Halo Infinite events after Tenrai?

Outside the Fracture, Halo Infinite Season 1 will feature a wide variety of additional events.


In the tweet that illustrated the first look at the Tenrai battle pass, 343 also announced Season 1 will include separate events for an HCS Spotlight, Winter Contingency, Cyber Showdown, and Tactical Ops. We’re not sure if these events will be different from a Fracture, but it sounds like they might be. In some instances, the passes for these rewards may only last for as long as the event is active.

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