Motomami Los Santos is GTA Online's wildest radio station yet

“I wanna hear this in the clubs, in the bodegas!”

Rockstar Games knows how to create a vibe. The Grand Theft Auto series has long been known for its atmospheric tunes and high-profile musical collaborations with global superstars. And the latest expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online is no exception. The Contract brings an entirely new radio station to the game, with a unique sound that’s unlike anything you’ve heard in Los Santos before.

Motomami Los Santos, hosted by Rosalía and Arca, plays an eclectic mix of artists — from Daddy Yankee and Mr. Fingers to Caroline Polachek. It also features Rosalía’s debut single “La Fama” (featuring The Weeknd) from the Motomami album that’s slated to release in 2022.

The new channel also includes tracks from Arca, who Rockstar fans will recognize from “Country Pursuits” on the Red Dead Redemption 2 original score. It also features an exclusive song from Bad Gyal produced by Keinemusik.

The Motomami logo is splashed across numerous billboards throughout Los Santos.

Billboards emblazoned with the Motomami logo are scattered throughout Los Santos, another testament to the way in which Rockstar’s musical collaborations are woven into the fabric of the in-game world, becoming part of a living and changing digital space.

“Now it's our turn: look up at the billboards, girl!”

Motomami Los Santos is an unabashedly irreverent and queer counterpoint to the other stations on the GTAO radio dial. Between tracks, Arca and Rosalía silkily slide from Spanish to English and back again. It’s heartening to see the sights and sounds of Los Santos evolving to keep pace with the real-world city that continues to inspire it.

At one point, Arca notes “every musician has been here, played here, partied here, and now it's our turn: look up at the billboards, girl!” Amen to that.

Rockstar Games

Here’s full a rundown of the music featured on Motomami Los Santos:

  • Bad Gyal - “A La Mía”
  • La Goony Chonga - “Duro 2005”
  • Likkle Vybz & Likkle Addi - “Skinny Jeans”
  • Rauw Alejandro - “Nubes”
  • Arca - “Machote”
  • DJ Spinn - “Bounce N Break Yo Back”
  • Monchy & Alexandra - “Dos Locos”
  • Camarón de la Isla - “Volando Voy”
  • Armando - “100% of Disin' You”
  • Rosalía - “A Palé”
  • Rosalía & J Balvin - “Con Altura” feat. El Guincho
  • Rosalía - “La Fama” (with The Weeknd)
  • Mr. Fingers - “Mystery of Love”
  • Daddy Yankee - “Salgo Pa' la Calle”
  • Tokischa, Haraca Kiko, El Cherry Scom - “Tukuntaso”
  • Q - “Take Me Where Your Heart Is”
  • Ñejo & Dalmata - “Vacilar Contigo”
  • Young Cister - “Xulita” feat. Kaydy Cain
  • Popcaan - “Body So Good”
  • Willie Colon & Héctor Lavoe - “Calle Luna Calle Sol”
  • Alberto Stylee - “Tumbando Fronte”
  • Chucky73 - “Dominicana”
  • Aventura - “Mi Corazoncito”
  • DJ Slugo - “418” (Bounce Mix)
  • Kaydy Cain - “Algo Como Tú” (feat. Los Del Control)
  • Caroline Polachek - “Bunny Is A Rider”
  • Arca feat. Rosalía - “KLK”
  • Tokischa & Rosalía – “Linda “
  • Rosalía - “Di Mi Nombre (Cap.8: Éxtasis)”
  • Justice - “Stress”
  • Las Guanabanas - “Vamos Pa la Disco”
  • Playboi Carti - “Rockstar Made”
  • Soulja Boy Tell'em - “Snap And Roll”

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract is out now.

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