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How to start The Contract DLC in GTA Online and create an Agency

Franklin has a new business venture.

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GTA Online has a brand-new expansion called The Contract. With new security missions to complete, properties to own, and weapons to buy, there’s a lot to learn about 2021’s final piece of GTAO DLC. Below, we outline the main features of the expansion and explain how to start experiencing the new content as soon as you drop into Los Santos. Curious about where you can buy that sweet Stun Gun or EMP Launcher? We’ll give you all the details.

How to buy an Agency in GTA Online

In order to start your story with F. Clinton and Partner’s fixer business, the first thing you must do is purchase one of the new, and unfortunately fairly expensive, Agency properties. To do that, open up your in-game web browser and click on the Dynasty8 Executive sponsored advertisement. Press the button to “enter site,” and you’ll come to a map with the four different Agency properties marked as buildings.

There are four different Agencies you can buy to get started with Franklin’s new security contracts.

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Your four options include

  • Hawick: Priced from $2,830,000
  • Rockford Hills: Priced from $2.415,000
  • Vespucci Canals: Priced from $2,145,000
  • Little Seoul: Priced from $2,010,000

All four of these Agencies offer access to the new security contract missions and your eventual hijinks with Dr. Dre, and at least three of them are in a centralized location. The three lower-end options make more sense because they’re clustered closer to other important buildings, but, if you just want to be a baller, Hawick is obviously available to you. Just like other major properties in GTA Online, all of these Agencies have a wide assortment of customization options that can drive up your cost if you prefer something that looks a bit nicer or has more features.

Once you buy your Agency, go there and you’ll trigger a lengthy cutscene introducing you to Franklin and the accouterments of your newly purchased space. Once that ends, head to your office computer to start Security Contracts as a VIP, CEO, or MC. If you’re playing solo or trying to host a contract yourself, try selecting CEO. You’ll need to complete one of these before you can start your adventure with the new VIP client, Dr. Dre.

Security Contracts come in three different varieties, each offering about $40,000 for completion on Professional difficulty.

Each security contract offers players a different type of quest to complete. Payouts are around $40,000.

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  • Asset Protection: Go to a waypoint and protect precious assets that are under attack.
  • Gang Termination: Find and eliminate targets harming your client
  • Rescue Operation: Go to a location, find the client in the area, take out hitmen, and return the client to a nearby safe house.

Complete one of these tasks and Franklin will give you a call about a new contract with Dre. Head to the marked “F” on your map to start the quest.

How to get the EMP Launcher and Stun Gun in GTA Online

New weapons are also related to getting started with the best parts of the Contract DLC. Adding the Stun Gun or EMP Launcher to your inventory is a bit easier than you think. Inside your purchased Agency, you’ll also need to pay the extra money for an Armory. You’ll then see a man sitting at a table who will sell you the new guns for the prices listed below.

The Stun Gun is an expensive purchase, but it’s cool if you have the extra cash.

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  • Stun Gun: In the “pistol” category for $326,250
  • EMP Launcher: In the “heavy weapons” category for $456,750
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